Always Been Yours Chapter 1269

At the same time, Alice arrived at the hospital. She wanted to know how Tessa was doing, and she needed Nicholas’ permission to use Tessa’s Twitter account to handle the Internet. After Alice told Nicholas her intentions, and he agreed to it.

A while later, Alice logged into Tessa’s account and posted a status. Tessa did get into a car crash, but she is now out of the woods. She and her child are safe. Now we wait for her to heal. Once she does, she shall take the world by storm, and we shall be waiting. Thank you for your love and concern for Tessa. Reporters, we’d appreciate it if you do not disturb Tessa. Thank you.”

The Internet went wild. Some netizens and fans already guessed that Tessa was seriously injured, but the official statement still worried them anyway.

‘I can’t believe this happened to her, but I’m glad they’re fine. I’m just waiting for her to take the world by storm once more. Me too. Come back soon, queen.”

The other netizens started posting the same line over and over again until the slogan blew. up on Google Trending. Eventually, the fans calmed down and started praying for Tessa. ‘Get well soon, Tess.”

‘I can’t wait to see you again, Tess. Get well soon.’ ‘If only we could visit her. I’m worried about her!

Later on, even more news about Tessa’s car crash surfaced on the net. The reporters who couldn’t get into the hospital earlier changed their strategy and turned their attention to the car crash instead. Some of the more influential reporters managed to get their hands on the information they wanted from the cops.

‘Tessa’s car crash: a conspiracy. The reason will shock you!’

There was a video of the car crash in the online article. The netizens were shocked after they watched it. At the same time, they were livid, especially Tessa’s fans.

‘Damn it! I can’t believe that driver would do that!’ ‘He’s only safe now because he’s protected by the law. Or else I would’ve killed him!! ‘Does anyone want to shoot him? I do. He’s wasting oxygen.

Meanwhile, Sofia had heard of the news as well, after which she quickly booked a flight. Once she disembarked the plane, Sofia made her way to the hospital. She saw Nicholas standing in the corridor and quickly approached him. “How is she doing, Mr. Sawyer?” she asked worriedly.

Nicholas wasn’t surprised to see her. Grimly, he said, “She’s out of the woods now, but she has been unconscious for two days and hasn’t shown any signs of waking up.”

Sofia heaved a sigh of relief, but she was still worried about Tessa. She couldn’t rest well unless Tessa were to wake. Through the window, she looked at Tessa. “I have some friends abroad. If you want, I can contact some experts to help out. They’re renowned.” Nicholas was grateful for the help. “Thank you. If we need that, I’ll call you.”

“As long as she can get better.” Sofia was concerned about Tessa, but she didn’t stay at the hospital for long because Nicholas asked her to get some rest shortly after. Sofia was no longer as young as she was and she went through a ten-hour flight to get here, so it was already taxing enough for her.

Sofia took the advice. She was here to take care of Tessa, and if she pushed herself too much, she might end up a burden. Hence, Sofia left. Nicholas stayed as usual. It had been two days, but he barely slept a wink.

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