Always Been Yours Chapter 1268

“He’s cute, isn’t he, Daddy?’ Gregory looked at Nicholas with anticipation in his eyes. Nicholas’ gaze was on the little one. Tears welled up in his eyes, and his heart melted. “He is,” he whispered. He had nothing but love for the baby.

Stefania’s heart was melting as well. “He’s strong. The doctor said they thought he wouldn’t make it, but he did.” She patted her son’s shoulder. “You must stay strong. Rest when you have to rest.”

Nicholas pursed his lips, staying silent. He knew his mother was concerned about him, but unless Tessa woke up, he could never rest well.

Stefania knew how he felt, so she said, “If you keep tearing yourself up, Tessa’s going to be heartbroken once she sees you like this. You don’t want her worrying about you right after she wakes up, right?”

Nicholas shook his head. “I know what to do, Mom.” At the same time, the Internet found out about Tessa’s car crash. ‘Talented violinist Tessa in a car crash. Situation yet unknown.”

‘Gruesome car crash befell talented violinist. An accident? Or a conspiracy?’

Everyone was stupefied by the news. “What? Tessa got into a car crash?”

“Probably a rumor. The news outlets would’ve reported it if it were true.” “Maybe the Sawyers kept it a secret?”

“Speaking of which, it’s been a while since she updated her status on Twitter.”

That particular comment drew the attention of the netizens and fans to Tessa’s account. Even though she told everyone she would only return to the industry after giving birth to her child, she made it a point to share her life online. Yet she had been quiet for the last few days. Noticing the potential for a scoop, the reporters quickly made their way to all hospitals around town to see if the news of Tessa’s accident was true.

The netizens and fans left comments on Tessa’s Twitter. All of them were worried about her. ‘Hey, I saw the news. They’re lies, right?” ‘Tess, we’re worried about you. Are you alright?”

Some of them even messaged Gregory. “Gregory, your mother’s alright, right?

Some even left comments on Sawyer Group’s official website. ‘Hey, heard about the accident. Is it true?

‘Have you guys seen your president lately? ‘Can someone tell us the truth, please? We just want some answers. Thanks to the Internet’s power, the reporters eventually found out which hospital Tessa was staying in.

Once Edward got the news, he quickly reported it to Nicholas. “Sir, bad news. The Internet knows of Mrs. Sawyer’s accident. We’re seeing a ton of reporters on their way to the hospital.”

Coldly, Nicholas hissed, ‘Find out who leaked the news.” “Yes, sir.” Edward hung up after acknowledging his orders. Nicholas called the hospital’s director. “I don’t care how you do it, make sure no damn reporter disturbs my wife.”

“Of course, sir. Our security is top-notch. We wouldn’t allow anyone to disturb our patients.” The director quickly told his employees to tighten the vetting on everyone who came into the hospital. Thanks to that, the reporters who tried to get some first-hand scoop were stopped outside the hospital.

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