Always Been Yours Chapter 1267

He too was worried that his sister’s condition might worsen. After having a simple breakfast the next morning, Tobias, Stefania, and Gregory went to the hospital. When they arrived, Tobias and Stefania saw their son standing outside the ICU like a living statue, his eyes glued to the patient inside.

Nicholas looked worse for wear. Stubble grew around his chin, and he looked like he might pass out at any moment. Worried for Nicholas, his parents approached him quickly.

Nicholas and Timothy looked up when they heard footsteps. After some small talk, Stefania asked, “So, did anything happen last night? Did she wake?” Nicholas shook his head. “No. Still unconscious.”

His parents frowned, concern appearing in their eyes. They were worried about Nicholas too as his eyes were bloodshot and he looked haggard. “You should go home. Clean up. yourself and get some rest. You can come back later after you’ve had some sleep.” Then they turned to say to the equally tired Timothy, “You too. Get some rest. She has us. We’ll call you if anything happens.”

Timothy remained silent. He turned his attention to Nicholas. Nicholas said hoarsely, “I won’t be going home. You get some rest. I’ll call you when she wakes up.” He then went to the nearest bathroom and washed his face before he walked back to the ward. Obviously, he wouldn’t leave until Tessa was awake.

Everyone left Nicholas to his post. They didn’t want to get in the way of his love for Tessa. Timothy was touched too. Tess found herself a good man. I can come back later. He nodded at the Sawyers and returned home.

Stefania looked at her son, who was still standing outside the ward motionlessly. Worried about his health, she called a servant and asked them to send some food over. Once breakfast arrived, she brought it over to Nicholas. “At least eat something. You can’t take care of her if you fall.”

Nicholas didn’t refuse, but he returned to the ward the moment he finished breakfast and continued to keep a quiet eye on Tessa. He didn’t want to miss the moment she woke up.

Stefania and Tobias exchanged a look. He’s going to fall at this rate. All of a sudden, Tobias. had a stroke of inspiration. He took Gregory. aside and whispered into his ear.

A few minutes later, the boy approached his father and held his hand. “Do you want to see the baby, Daddy?” he whispered.

Nicholas wanted to refuse. All he wished was to wait outside the ward for Tessa to wake up, but before he could say anything, Gregory added, “You’ve never seen little brother. You should take a look, Daddy.”

Noticing her son’s reluctance, Stefania added, “He’s right. Tessa risked her life for the baby. You don’t want her waking up to find out the baby’s own father knows nothing about it.”

Oh, right. I haven’t even seen the baby once. Stefania made a good point. Tessa risked her life to keep the baby alive. It would break her heart if she woke up to find out that Nicholas had no idea how the baby was doing. So, he agreed to see the baby.

Gregory and Stefania led him to the ward. The baby was lying in the incubator, all curled up and sleeping soundly. They couldn’t tell whom. the baby took after yet, but he was cute and rosy. He was really adorable.

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