Always Been Yours Chapter 1266

Gregory thought they had a point, so he relented. Kieran then took all of them home. Nicholas stood sentry that night, along with Timothy and Sabrina.

There wasn’t a soul in the corridor of the hospital. Nicholas and Timothy couldn’t sleep. They were worried, especially Nicholas. His eyes were glued to Tessa in the ICU.

Sabrina, however, was dozing off in her seat, so her head kept bobbing. Calming Gregory down was an exhausting job. Timothy noticed her exhaustion, and he looked at her gently. Just when he was approaching her, Sabrina woke with a jolt and wiped her drool away. “What is it, sir?” She stood up quickly.

“Nothing. You look tired, so I was going to tell you to go home and rest,” said Timothy hoarsely, Sabrina shook her head. “I’m fine. Let me stay.”

“There are enough people here, so I’ll take you home. Plus, it’s late. I’m worried about you,” Timothy disagreed. “It’s the hospital and you two are here. You don’t have to worry about me.” Sabrina smiled.

Timothy sighed. “It’s different. We’re guys, and you’re a girl. We can take the hit, but you should rest. And you need it because I need you to keep an eye on the company.”

Sabrina mused over his words and nodded in the end. With Tessa out of the picture, she knew Timothy wouldn’t have time for the company. As his assistant, she should help him out with work.

And so, they left the hospital. It was a silent trip home.

Sabrina stared at Timothy driving. She was about to say something, but then Timothy broke the silence. “Thanks for keeping an eye on Greg today.”

Sabrina paused for a moment, and she smiled.” “It’s my job, sir. I exist to solve any menial things, so you don’t have to.” She’s trying to be funny, huh? Timothy smiled. A small smile, but Sabrina didn’t miss it. She heaved a sigh of relief secretly.

“Don’t worry about Tess, sir. She’s strong. She’ll be back on her feet soon.”

“You’re right. She will.” Timothy spoke with determination and nodded. We got through the Reinharts’ abuse. She’ll be fine this time. I just know it.

He’s feeling better. Sabrina started another conversation. “I looked up some information about her injuries online earlier. It might take months for her to heal. Once she wakes up and is allowed to eat, I’m making her soup every day. The doctor said it’ll help with her recovery”

“Thank you.” Timothy didn’t refuse the offer. Sabrina was just trying to help, after all.

They chatted all the way, and finally, Timothy stopped his car before an apartment complex. Sabrina got out of the car and waved Timothy goodbye. “Safe trip. And good night.”

“Good night, Timothy said. He then turned his car around and made his way back to the hospital. Sabrina saw him off and only went into her building after his car was out of her sight.

Tessa was fine that night. Even so, Nicholas couldn’t sleep, worried that her condition might worsen when he was asleep. Timothy, too, didn’t sleep a wink that night.

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