Always Been Yours Chapter 1265

How unreasonable can someone get? Edward thought Wanda had gone mad. Enraged, Nicholas stormed forward and sent Wanda flying backward with a heavy kick. Her screams of agony echoed in the living room while everyone else froze in shock as they didn’t expect Nicholas to attack her.

Nicholas mocked, “Even without Tessa, I would never have dated someone as lowly as you. Remember that well. Learn your lesson in prison. You’re staying there your whole life.”

“No, you can’t do this to me!” shouted Wanda, who was struggling to get up. “I’m the young mistress of the Muller Family!” The pain she felt almost knocked her out.

Nicholas ignored her and told the cops to take her away. A moment later, Wanda was already out of sight. The shock Horace felt from the arrest of Wanda made him faint, and he was taken to the hospital. An hour later, the old man regained consciousness, but he seemed to have aged ten years in one night.

His butler was at the hospital with him. “Sir, you must stay strong for Miss Wanda,” he said worriedly.

“I can’t save her. The Sawyers will make sure she gets her punishment,’ Horace said hoarsely. She’s done for. Then, he remembered something else. With hatred in his voice, he said, “Call the cops right now and tell them to arrest Oliver!” If he hadn’t assaulted Wanda, she wouldn’t have gone after Tessa, and none of this would’ve happened.

Just like that, Oliver was arrested under the charge of sexual assault. It was a busy night for the police department.

Nicholas stayed at the police station, watching them handle the case. He only returned to the hospital when it was almost dawn. Stefania, Tobias, and Gregory were still standing outside Tessa’s ward. When Nicholas came back, they approached him. “Did you find out who did it?” asked Stefania.

“Yes,” answered Nicholas curtly, his voice as icy as the tundra. He’s upset. Very upset. Kieran stepped in. “You wouldn’t guess who’s actually behind this.” Kieran then told his folks the whole story.

Tobias and Stefania were visibly upset after hearing the story. Stefania almost exploded with fury. “And I thought she had turned for the better! Guess a leopard never changes its: spots.”

“Do not let this slide. She must pay for her crimes, Tobias huffed angrily. Gregory was angry as well. “I can’t believe that witch! Make her pay, Daddy!”

Fiercely, Nicholas said, “I will handle this. She’ll regret she was ever born.” His parents said nothing more. They knew Nicholas would handle this well.

Nicholas seemed to have calmed down a bit, and he asked, “So how’s she doing? What did the doctor say?” “She’s still in the ICU, unconscious,” Stefania told him about the things that happened while he was gone.

Through the glass window, Nicholas looked at his wife, who was unconscious in the ICU, and his heart throbbed with pain. A moment later, he faced his tired parents and muttered, “It’s late. Take Gregory and go home. I’ll stay.”

“No. I want to wait for Mommy to wake up.” Gregory refused to leave. He pleaded, “Let me stay, Daddy. I promise I won’t make any noise.” Nicholas refused right away.

His parents agreed. ‘Greg, I know you’re worried about your mommy, but staying up all night is bad for you. If she wakes up and sees you looking tired and listless, it’d worry her. Let’s go home. We’ll have to take the next watch while your father rests later. You won’t have any energy to keep an eye on your mommy if you don’t rest.”

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