Always Been Yours Chapter 1263

“Please, I beg you. Have mercy on me!” The driver struggled to get up to plead for mercy. However, Nicholas kicked him away at once. “Mercy? You almost killed my wife.” He looked at the driver as if he was a maggot and didn’t deserve to live.

Worried that Nicholas might kill the driver on impulse, Kieran stood before his brother. “Calm down. He’s just an accomplice. We have bigger fish to fry. Besides, you don’t have to dirty your hands for scum like him.” Kieran wasn’t trying to save the driver. He just didn’t want Nicholas to be a criminal.

Nicholas looked at his brother coldly. Eventually, he calmed down. He’s right. It’s not worth dirtying my hands for this scum, but he deserves punishment. Nicholas snatched the dagger away from Kieran and approached the driver. Then, without so much as blinking, he stabbed the dagger into the driver’s leg.

Another scream of agony echoed through the air, but Nicholas was unfazed. With his hand still on the dagger, he slowly rotated it in the driver’s leg.

The pain finally knocked the driver out. Nicholas tossed the dagger away and stood up. “To the police station.’ He then left the warehouse, and everyone else followed.

Later, they made their way to the Muller Residence with the police. Nicholas was grim and solemn the entire way. This time, he would make sure Wanda paid a heavy price.

Edward worked through the bureaucracy quickly. Half an hour later, a few police cars surrounded the Muller Residence, and Horace woke with a start. With the support of his walking stick, he emerged from his room. The first thing he saw were cops barging into the living room, and behind them was his butler. Standing in the corridor, he asked, “What happened?”

However, the cops ignored him. One of the cops grabbed a servant and asked, “Where is Wanda Muller?”

Shocked, the servant answered, “She’s on the second floor. In the room third on the left.”

The cops let go of the servant at once and went upstairs to arrest the criminal. A shocked Wanda screeched, “What are you doing? Unhand me at once!”

“What are you doing? Let her go!” Horace approached the cops and demanded. She’s still in her pajamas!

The leader of the cops, who was a man with close-cropped hair, stepped forth. “Mr. Muller, we have our orders to arrest your granddaughter.” He then told his colleagues to take Wanda away.

Wanda froze in fear. She didn’t think she would be exposed this quickly. The cops went downstairs, and Horace went after them. “This must be a misunderstanding. officers. My granddaughter is a law-abiding citizen.”

Just then, Nicholas mocked coldly, “A law- abiding citizen? Why, Mr. Muller, I see you don’t know your granddaughter at all. Nicholas stepped into the living room, looking angry like a beast that had its child murdered.

A frown furrowed Horace’s forehead. He finally realized that Wanda’s arrest was related to Nicholas, and his face fell. “What are you doing?”

“What am I doing? You should ask your granddaughter what she did.” He shot a look at Wanda. If looks could kill, Wanda would’ve been dead ten times through.

When Wanda met his gaze, she shivered in fear. Noticing the air of murder coming off Nicholas, Horace’s heart skipped a beat.

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