Always Been Yours Chapter 1259

“Is my sister out of danger now?” Timothy asked The doctor was visibly relieved as he announced, “The patient’s condition is stable now, but she is still weak and will need to be kept in the ICU for observation.”

“Thank goodness! She’s alright,” Stefania exclaimed in relief. Her heart finally settled back in place. “However, even though her condition is stable, she was injured in the crash and her fibula was broken. It will take at least six months before she fully recovers,” the doctor continued reporting.

“That’s not a problem. As long as she’s still alive, then everything will be fine,” Nicholas declared hoarsely as his emotions poured out of him.

Tears streamed down his face. Everyone was stunned to see this. Stefania, Tobias, and Kieran were the most shocked. It was their first time seeing him cry.

Stefania and Tobias exchanged looks. They had a newfound understanding as to how deeply Nicholas loved Tessa. Now that everyone knew Tessa was safe, they all started shedding tears of joy. Timothy was the most emotional.

He wanted to share the joy he felt with someone else, so he grabbed the person who was beside him without even checking to see who it was. “Tessa’s going to be alright!” he exclaimed happily. “She’s going to be fine…”

Sabrina was dumbstruck when she was pulled into an embrace that she had yearned for all this while. She looked up at Timothy who had a silly grin on his face and smiled.

“I told you, didn’t I? Tess is a blessed person. She’ll definitely be fine.” She hugged Timothy and smiled as she was truly glad that Tessa’s life was no longer in danger. Timothy nodded fervently.

Gregory saw that everyone else was celebrating the good news, but he was a little lost himself, so he tugged on Kieran’s arm and asked, “Uncle Kieran, is my Mommy okay now?”

“That’s right. Your Mommy’s okay for now. Do you feel better now, Gregory?”

Kieran crouched down and asked gently

Gregory was still a little pale from the shocking


However, he was nodding excitedly as he said,

“I am! I hope Mommy will be fine.”

“She will. Your Mommy will be alright.”

Kieran’s heart ached as he hugged the little boy.

He knew that Gregory must have been terrified

by everything that happened in the day.

After celebrating the happy news, everyone gradually calmed down again.

Tobias was solemn and authoritative as he commanded the medical staff, “Since her condition is stable now, I hope nothing unexpected happens again. You must ensure that my daughter-in-law fully recovers from this.”

“We will give the patient the best care possible, Chairman Sawyer.”

The doctors and specialists didn’t dare to make any promises, so they simply promised to do their best.

Naturally, this did not escape Tobias’ notice. His expression turned grim as he sternly declared, “I don’t want you to do your best.

I want you to make sure it happens. You must remain in the ICU until my daughter-in-law is fully recovered.” His imposing aura seemed to have struck fear into the medical staff as they quickly nodded and replied in the affirmative.

Just then, Nicholas said in a hoarse voice, “Can I go in and see my wife?” The doctor nodded. “You can, but only one person is allowed to go in, and you can only see her for five minutes.”

“Only one person? And only for five minutes? That’s not enough,” Kieran said discontentedly. Timothy hadn’t said anything, but Kieran knew that Timothy would want to see Tessa too.

Nicholas thought of this as well and frowned. “Can two people go in instead, and can we have a little more time?” “I’m afraid not. Every additional visitor increases the risks to the patient.”

The doctor shook his head and explained, “Although you will put on a surgical gown before going in, there are openings in the ventilator and other medical equipment in there.

Right now, the patient’s immune system is at its weakest, so it’s easy for her to get an infection. Even the doctors and nurses have to go through a decontamination process before we can make contact with the patient.”

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