Always Been Yours Chapter 1256

The group of medical specialists exchanged. glances before promising solemnly, “You can be assured that we’ll do our best, Chairman Sawyer.”

They began entering the surgical theater one after the other. Soon, the corridor was silent once more. Just then, Edward walked out of the elevator.

He had rushed over from the office as soon as he heard the news, but he was delayed by traffic. “President Sawyer…”

Edward walked over to Nicholas to say a few words of comfort. However, Nicholas didn’t even bother to look at Edward. Edward had no choice but to turn to Tobias.

Tobias was sympathetic with Nicholas, so he helped with the arrangements by telling Edward, “Block all news and mentions of this incident and don’t let the media report it. Then, get in touch with the traffic police and check the footage of the surveillance cameras by the road. Make sure the culprit is caught!” Im on it.”

Edward sped off to get things done. Meanwhile, at Muller Residence..

Wanda received a call from the perpetrator. “I’ve done what you asked me to, Miss Muller. When are you going to transfer the rest of the money to me?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll get someone to make the transfer in a short while.”

Wanda ended the call. Moments later, laughter could be heard from the room, and it grew louder and louder. “Hahaha… You’re the unlucky one now, Tessa!”

“I can only be happy if you’re dead!” “You deserve to die! Your death is the best thing ever-”

She laughed with maniacal glee. Back at the hospital, the doctors were still in the process of saving Tessa and her baby.

Stefania paced up and down the corridor anxiously. “The doctors and specialists have been in there for a long time now. Why haven’t we heard anything yet?”

“No news is good news. Stop pacing back and forth like that. You’re making me feel even more on edge.”

Tobias was standing by the wall with a frown. on his face.

Stefania stopped, but she mumbled, “You’re on edge and I’m uneasy too. Do you think Tessa and the little baby will make it?”

Before Tobias could answer, Nicholas’ hoarse but firm voice rang out.

“They will. Nothing bad will happen to them.”

Gregory nodded in agreement. “Mommy and. my little sister will be fine.”

Timothy remained silent, but the look in his eyes made it clear that he agreed with Nicholas and Gregory. He believed that Tessa and her baby would be alright.

At last, the doors to the surgical theater opened half an hour later. Nicholas and the others quickly crowded around the doctor. “How’s my wife and baby, doctor?”

Nicholas was the quickest. He grabbed the doctor by the shoulder and asked frantically. Timothy and the others were staring anxiously at the doctor too.

The doctor was in pain from Nicholas’ tight grip, but he understood the state a patient’s next of kin would be in, so he swiftly reported, “The C-section was a success. It’s a baby boy.”

Stefania and Tobias were relieved to hear that the baby had been delivered safely. Everyone else exhaled as well. However, Stefania noticed that the nurses weren’t bringing the baby out, so she became nervous again.

“Why aren’t they bringing my grandson out, doctor? Did something happen to him?”

After hearing what she said, Nicholas, Timothy, and the others realized that as well. “Where’s my child?”

“How’s my nephew doing?”

The two men fired questions at the doctor. “The baby was born prematurely so he’s a little weak. He has been brought to the NICU where he will need to be kept in an incubator for now.”

“What’s going to happen? Will it affect hist health? What about my daughter-in-law?” Stefania exclaimed. Nicholas and Timothy grew even more anxious too.

The doctor began explaining once more, “The mother shielded her abdomen during the accident, so the baby didn’t suffer any severe injuries. He will be fine. We just need to keep him in the incubator until he reaches full term. As for the mother…”

He paused. Nicholas’ expression faltered. “How is she…”

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