Always Been Yours Chapter 1253

The pool of blood made Nicholas’ mind go blank. At last, he reached Tessa. He had an even clearer view of all the blood that pooled around her, and it distressed him. “Tessa… Tessa…”

His voice trembled as he kept repeating her name. His hands hovered in the air. He wanted to hold her, but he was too afraid. Tessa could vaguely hear someone calling out to her.

However, the excruciating pain made it impossible for her to speak. Her eyelids felt like lead and she couldn’t open her eyes no matter how hard she tried.

Slowly, she began to lose consciousness. Nicholas’ eyes grew red when he saw his wife lying motionless on the ground like a broken doll.

He didn’t hesitate any longer. He carried Tessa and ran toward the hospital as he screamed, “Doctor! I need a doctor! Come and save her…”

The onlookers leaped into action after hearing his piercing screams and they quickly tried to flag down a doctor as well.

Blood continued flowing out of Tessa’s body. It left a long trail on the ground. Inside the hospital, the nurses were shocked when they saw Tessa who was covered in blood.

They swiftly wheeled a stretcher over to Nicholas. ‘Quick, put the patient down.” Nicholas dared not waste even a single moment as he quickly set her down.

Once he did, the nurses immediately wheeled Tessa into the surgical theater. “Out of the way! Step out of the way, please!” Two nurses cleared the path in front.

Nicholas followed closely behind. His hands were clenching the sides of the stretcher so hard that his veins were popping. No words could describe the anxiety he felt.

“Hang in there, Tessa! Hang in there!”

He bent down and cried out to her. His voice was filled with terror. Gregory ran after the stretcher as well. He was ashen-faced and looked altogether pitiful..

Once they arrived at the surgical theater, the nurses wheeled Tessa in but stopped Nicholas from entering. “You can’t proceed any further, sir.”

Nicholas wanted to go in, but whatever sense he had left was enough for him to know that he couldn’t make a scene right now, or he might end up delaying Tessa’s treatment.

Thus, he grabbed the nurse by the collar and declared menacingly, “I’m ordering you to save her no matter what you have to do! I won’t let anything happen to her!”

Out in the corridor, Nicholas stood right by the entrance to the surgical theater. He was still caked in blood and had a frantic expression that had never been seen on him before. His hands kept trembling.

Gregory stood beside Nicholas. He was shaking too and his eyes were slightly glazed over as he was still in shock. Neither one of them spoke as they kept their eyes fixed on the surgical theater.

Meanwhile, inside the surgical theater, the doctors and nurses were fervently trying to save Tessa. “The anesthesia has taken effect. We need to stop the bleeding.” “The patient’s heartbeat is slowing down…”

“The blood won’t stop flowing. The baby could be in danger. We need to do a C-section!” “Inform the next of kin at once and prepare for the C-section.”

The attending surgeon immediately made the call. The nurse nodded and hurried out of the surgical theater with the doctor.

When Nicholas saw the doors to the surgical theater opening, he quickly went forward and asked anxiously, ‘How’s my wife, doctor?”

“The patient’s condition is dire. We will need to perform a preterm C-section Before the doctor could finish his sentence, Nicholas cut him off. “Do it then! Make sure you save both the mother and the child!”

“You need to calm down first, sir. It’s a given that we’ll do the C-section, but there’s a critical problem. The patient is showing signs of serious hemorrhaging and she might not be able to survive a C-section.”

The doctor explained the situation inside ther surgical theater before saying with a grim expression, “This means there’s a high chance that the patient might not survive. You will need to be prepared.”

Nicholas stumbled when he heard the news. He felt woozy and could barely breathe. However, he soon snapped out of it as he snarled at the doctor, “Why are you still standing here then? Hurry up and save them!”

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