Always Been Yours Chapter 1250

“Why do I have to marry a jerk like Oliver while Tessa is living in happiness?” Wanda’s eyes were clouded with gloom, and she gritted her teeth with resentment. She refused to believe that her fate was worse than Tessa’s.

On that night, she casually brought up an idea over dinner at home. “Grandpa, why don’t I deliver the wedding invitation and favors to the Sawyers since I’m getting married? I know there’s a grudge between our families, but we are still friends. It’s not nice to leave them out when I have sent all the invitations and goody bags to everyone else. People might gossip.”

“You’re right.” Horace nodded in agreement. He could not give up his longtime friendship with Remus because of some fight between their grandchildren. He mulled over it and informed her, “I will have the housekeeper prepare some good tea. Please send them to Remus for me.” “Sure.” She nodded demurely.

The next morning, Wanda departed for the Sawyer Residence with the wedding invitation, goody bags, and her grandpa’s gift for Remus. To her disappointment, it was Stefania who greeted her, while Nicolas and Tessa were nowhere to be seen.

After Stefania learned about the purpose of her visit, she accepted the invitation cards and gifts with a wide smile and congratulated her. “Congratulations! We will attend your wedding if time allows.”

Wanda nodded softly. The two chit-chatted for a bit before Stefania’s phone buzzed. Wanda was sensible enough to leave, so Stefania asked a maid to see her out.

On her way out, she dropped some questions casually. “I heard that Nicholas is at home taking care of Tessa. Did something happen to her?”

“Young Madam’s baby is not flipping into the correct position. That’s why Master Nicholas has to stay at home to take care of her,” the maid told Wanda everything because she did not see this as a secret. Therefore, Wanda was surprised to learn that Tessa had fetal malposition.

The maid went on to gush. “I never thought that Master Nicholas would turn from a cold guy into a loyal and lovesick man. Young Madam is a lucky woman.”

“Yeah, Nicholas is a pretty loyal man,” Wanda replied carelessly, but she was burning with envy and regret. Would things be different if she had confessed to him earlier?

The maid told her more about what Nicholas did for Tessa in private and concluded with a sigh. “You can tell he is doting excessively on her,” Wanda’s mood tanked when she looked at the maid, who was busy admiring Nicholas and Tessa’s relationship. She said, “You don’t have to see me off till the end. I’ll leave on my own.”

After that, she left the maid and marched toward the main entrance. She refused to listen to details about how great Nicholas was treating Tessa. Even so, she was filled with resentment and hatred on her way home.

“Why is she living a happier life than me?” she mumbled softly as she racked her brain. She had an advantage over Tessa in terms of her family background and abilities, but she wondered why her fate was worse than hers. She could not get over the fact that Tessa married for love while she had to marry a jerk who had ruined her life.

The more she thought about it, the more indignant she felt. An idea popped up in her mind, and she started entertaining some evil thoughts. It’d be great if Tessa’s baby died. Would the Sawyers and Nicholas still dote on her if she loses the baby?

Her eyes turned red and glowed with a devilish look.

Meanwhile, Tessa had no idea about Wanda’s wicked thoughts. Every day, she followed the exercise plan at home to correct the baby’s position. Since she went on walks during the day, she always felt sore at night.

Nicholas felt sorry for her. “I know the doctor wants you to exercise, but you should know your limits. You shouldn’t overdo it every day.”

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