Always Been Yours Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216 As Hard as Nails

“According to them, it’s in the hospital,” Tessa replied as she rested her head on Nicholas’ shoulder. As soon as Tessa said this, Gregory, who had just arrived downstairs, coincidentally heard her.

Gregory immediately assumed that she was feeling unwell and was going to the hospital, so he rushed over and asked in a panicked tone, “Mommy, are you sick?”

She couldn’t help but feel a sense of warmth flowing through her heart when she saw the undisguised concern on his chubby little face. “I’m not sick. I’m just saying I’m going to the hospital to work this Friday.”

“Then, I’m going with you. I will accompany you while you work,” Gregory resolutely announced while throwing expectant glances at her.

When Tessa heard his words, her mind wandered. There will be many children coming that day, and if Greg comes along, he will be able to play with those children. At that thought, Tessa nodded, agreeing to allow Gregory to follow her to the hospital this Friday.

On the other hand, Wanda was very displeased after she, too, received the news that Tessa was soon to be appointed as the official ambassador for the Charity Foundation for Children with Congenital Diseases.

“This b*tch! How dare she?!” Wanda hissed through gritted teeth, her resentment utterly boiling over the cauldron.

It’s even worse when I recall that not only is my reputation as Miss Wanda of the Mullers now tarnished, but I can even hardly hold my head high among my relatives and friends just because of that pest.

Wanda’s gaze turned even more sinister when she arrived on that train of thought. No! Tessa will bask in glory over my dead body!

Just as she contemplated bringing Tessa down once and for all, the butler suddenly knocked on the door and entered. “Miss Wanda, Mr. Oliver is here.”

Wanda frowned upon hearing that. Even so, she still reluctantly got up and went downstairs to greet Oliver. Meanwhile, Oliver was waiting in the living room with a bouquet of delicate roses in his arms.

When he saw Wanda, who had made her appearance, he made his way over while holding the bouquet. “For you, Wanda.”

“Thank you.” Wanda took the bouquet of roses with an indifferent expression before she handed it to the butler next to her.

For these past few days, Oliver had been personally sending her flowers every day in an attempt to please her. Alas, it didn’t quite work out for him.

Despite her apathetic stance toward him, he didn’t mind. All was good as long as she didn’t call off the engagement.

He followed her and sat on the couch. Then, he valiantly ignored the detached look on her face as he invited her with a smile, “I’ve made a reservation in a French restaurant on Kings Avenue. We’ll be just in time if we go there to have our meal now.”

“What’s going on here? Why have you been asking me out every few days? Are you done dealing with those two lovers of yours?” Wanda asked imperiously as she raised her eyebrows and gave Oliver a dismissive once over.

Oliver hurriedly explained himself the instant he sensed the impatience in her tone, “I have already dealt with them. Plus, I can’t acknowledge the babies in their wombs when I don’t even know if they are mine. Besides, even if the babies truly turn out to be mine, I won’t allow them to be born!”

“You’re certainly as hard as nails. You don’t even want your own children!”

Wanda looked at Oliver with a sneer.

He hastily coaxed her with honeyed words dripping down his lips, “Of course, I want kids! I’ve never said I didn’t want them. I will definitely love them dearly like precious treasures if you’re the mother of my child. Either way, only you can be my wife and give birth to my children in this lifetime!”

When she heard his proclamation, she forced herself to accept his barely passing vow. Nevertheless, inwardly she didn’t believe him in the slightest. Considering his inclination to think with his lower body, this man would never be her husband.

Still, she was willing to play the fool simply because Oliver was still a somewhat useful pawn at her disposal.

Two days later, Sofia brought several of Tessa’s seniors along to visit Tessa after she was well-rested.

The atmosphere was cozy as they drank tea, enjoyed some cookies, and chatted amongst themselves.

After a while, Sofia brought up the matter of her leaving. “Now that your performance has ended flawlessly, I plan to take your seniors and return to the orchestra in a few days.”

“So soon? Miss Sofia, why don’t you stay around and take a few more days off?”

Tessa was somewhat reluctant to see Sofia leave so soon, and she tried to persuade Sofia to stay around a while longer.

Unfortunately, Sofia was firm in her decisions and would not be swayed. “I will visit you again when I have the chance to do so. However, now is not the time for me to go sightseeing just yet.”

In the end, Tessa was left with no choice but to ask Sofia for the details of her departure. She planned to see Sofia off that day.

Regardless, she still felt terribly guilty.

After all, Sofia and the others specially came here to help her, yet she failed to be a good hostess.

As a result, Nicholas saw Tessa wallowing on the couch the moment he returned home that night.

He walked over to Tessa and asked in worry, “What’s the matter? Did someone upset you?”

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