Always Been Yours Chapter 1214

Chapter 1214 She’s Done a Good Job Indeed

Instead of accepting the invitation on Tessa’s behalf, he replied, “I have to ask Tessa about this first.” After hanging up the phone, he got up to look for Tessa.

Tessa was sitting on the couch in the living room. Alice, sitting next to her, was reporting on her work. Seeing Nicholas come downstairs, Alice stood up and greeted him, saying, “President Sawyer.”

Nicholas nodded before sitting directly next to Tessa. “Are you done yet?” He turned to look at her. Tessa smiled faintly. “Almost. Do you need anything from me?”

“I’ve got something good to tell you.” Nicholas smiled before explaining how the government had invited her to work as the ambassador for the Charity Foundation for Children with Congenital Diseases.

Alice was astonished to hear this. “That’s great news!” Tessa was surprised, too; little did she think someone from the government would actually approach her. “Nicholas, is this true?” she asked again, still in disbelief. After all, she had only given her first performance in the country yesterday.

Seeing how stupefied she looked, Nicholas took her hand with a smile. “It’s true, of course. So, would you like to take the job?”

“Of course, I’d love to! As Alice said, this is great news,” Tessa agreed with a bright smile. Moreover, the government’s support will make it easier for me to work for charitable causes in the future.

Upon seeing this, Alice instantly got into work mode, asking Nicholas for some details. After learning of the details later, she contacted the government to finalize the date and time when Tessa would film a promotional video as the ambassador.

That evening, Nicholas took Tessa and Gregory to the Sawyer Residence for a family dinner party, during which time Kieran proudly mentioned Tessa being invited to work as the ambassador for the charity foundation. “Grandpa, Dad, Mom, I’ve got something to tell you guys. Someone from the government called me today to invite Tessa to work as the ambassador for the Charity Foundation for Children with Congenital Diseases. She’s quite something, isn’t she?”

Remus, Stefania, and Tobias were surprised to hear this. Stefania turned to look at Tessa in astonishment, asking, “Did you accept the invitation?”

Tessa nodded gently. “Of course I did. We’re now finalizing the date for the filming of the promotional video.”

Gregory proudly chimed in next to her, “Grandma, isn’t Mommy awesome?”

“Yes, she’s awesome.” Stefania was sincerely happy for Tessa this time. Nevertheless, she was worried about the latter’s health condition. “Filming the promotional video is gonna be tiring, no? Are you physically up for it?”

Tessa explained with a smile, “I’m fine. Besides, I’m doing the filming this time to take part in charity work in the name of the Sawyer Group.”

Her words made Remus see her in a new light because he never expected her to let the Sawyer Group have such an opportunity to gain fame. Moreover, it could be said that such activities would earn enough reputation for the Sawyer Family to get more and more people to unconsciously acknowledge its social status.

Also surprised were Tobias, Kieran, and others. After realizing what Tessa had just said, Kieran adored her even more. “What a big heart you have, Tessa,” he said, giving her a thumbs-up. Inwardly, of course, he knew full well that Tessa was doing this completely for Nicholas’ sake. He then turned to look at Remus, saying, “Grandpa, don’t you think Tessa has done a great job of this?”

Upon hearing this, the others turned to look at Remus.

Tessa was eager to hear what Remus would say, too. She hoped Remus could approve of her so that Nicholas would no longer have to find himself torn between them.

Facing the looks in everyone’s eyes, Remus sat imperturbably in his chair. In the end, however, he finally said something nice. “She’s done a good job indeed.” He nodded before turning to look at Tessa affably, which was rare. Then, he continued, “Don’t push yourself too hard if it’s too much for you. It’s not like we Sawyers are short of this bit of a reputation. No matter what, you and your baby are the most important.”

Hearing such caring words, Tessa was elated. She could sense that Remus had actually accepted her somewhat.

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