Always Been Yours Chapter 1213

Chapter 1213 A Surprise Invitation

Some netizens and fans even left comments on Sofia’s official website in the country, thinking they’d like to listen to more of it. One of them commented, ‘Miss Sofia, please get our diva to give another special performance soon.’

Another agreed, ‘Count me in! Her music is simply divine. I think I’ll never get tired of listening to it all my life.’ ‘I hope she’ll give another performance. I think every piece she plays is classic.’

Although the netizens and fans were very much looking forward to Tessa’s second performance, their wish was destined to fall through. This was because Sofia was asked this question in an interview by the host. “Many are now eager for Miss Reinhart to give another performance. Miss Sofia, could you tell us whether you have any arrangements for this?”

“I’m sorry about this, but Tessa won’t be giving another special performance in the near future,” Sofia replied while sitting gracefully on the couch.

Astounded, the host immediately asked, “Why won’t Miss Reinhart give another performance? Her performance this time was a huge success. Miss Sofia, aren’t you gonna have her follow that up with another successful performance?”

Sofia explained, “Of course, I hope Tessa will do better and better, but a special performance is very physically demanding. Tessa will be giving birth soon, so another performance will be too much for her. And besides, this time’s special performance was already her limit.”

The host was very disappointed to hear this.

As soon as the interview was aired, many netizens and fans were disappointed, too. One of them commented, ‘What a pity. I was hoping to listen to my diva’s live performance once more.’

‘Well, that’s too bad, but it’s understandable.’

‘I’m looking forward to my diva returning to perform after giving birth to her child! It’ll definitely be even more spectacular than this time’s performance.’

‘Me too.’

As a result, many netizens and onlookers followed Tessa’s Twitter account just to be the first to receive news of her future performances.

Meanwhile, the Sawyer Family was also flooded with compliments. In just half a morning, Stefania and Tobias received many phone calls from their family friends.

“Stefania, you’ve really got a great daughter-in-law! She’s made your family proud!”

“Oh, not at all. Don’t you have an outstanding daughter-in-law too?” Stefania replied modestly. Inwardly, though, she was overjoyed.

The same thing happened to Tobias. “Tobias, you’ve picked a great wife for your son. We’re so envious of you. Now the Sawyer Group has gained both popularity and a good name!”

What Tobias’ friend said was indeed true. With all proceeds from the performance going to charity, the Sawyer Group was winning increasing favor with the netizens, which resulted in tremendous glory for the Sawyer Family.

Stefania and Tobias were very happy. Even Remus smiled; inwardly, he quite approved of Tessa. However, what happened next would make them even happier.

That morning, Kieran received a phone call from the government. After briefly introducing themselves, the caller came straight to the point, saying, “Mr. Sawyer, we hope that Miss Tessa Reinhart can work as the ambassador for our country’s Charity Foundation for Children with Congenital Diseases. We hope she can promote public spirit to enable more children to receive medical treatment.”

Kieran’s face was still full of shock and disbelief when he hung up the phone. Staring with glazed eyes at his assistant next to him, he ordered, “Pinch me.”

His assistant was dumbfounded to hear such a request. What on earth has happened to Vice President Sawyer to make him ask for such a thing himself? Before he could ask Kieran about it, the latter’s voice rang in his ear again, urging, “Come on, hurry and pinch me.”

The assistant had no choice but to do as Kieran said.

“Ouch!” Kieran gasped in pain, only to laugh like an idiot the next second. He muttered to himself, “It’s real! It’s goddamn real! No, I’ve got to call Nicholas and tell him this piece of good news.”

Nicholas thus got a phone call from Kieran. When he learned of the government’s invitation, he was also happy for Tessa.

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