Always Been Yours Chapter 1212

Chapter 1212 Was It Wrong of Me to Treat Them Like That in the Past

Amber was still in disbelief, though. “Is she really that brilliant?” Seeing how rare it was for Amber to talk about Tessa and Timothy so calmly, the maid hurriedly seized the opportunity to speak for them. “Forgive me for being blunt, but you know in your heart how you treated Miss Reinhart and her brother before. Even so, they’ve never thought of getting back at you; instead, they look after you at every turn.

And besides, Miss Reinhart has never given up on her dreams despite the harsh conditions she was under. Not only that, she has achieved such a level of success in the industry at such a young age. Isn’t that enough proof of how brilliant she is?”

Amber fell silent upon hearing the maid’s words. For the very first time, she began to doubt herself. Was it wrong of me to treat Tessa and her brother like that back then? For a moment, she sank deep into her thoughts…

Two hours later, Tessa’s exceptional performance came to a perfect conclusion. Still immersed in her performance, the audience stayed in their seats, unwilling to leave for a long time.

After making her exit, Tessa returned backstage, where she sat in her chair without moving. She was terribly exhausted. After all, she was so heavily pregnant and thus no longer had the stamina she used to have.

Knowing that she was tired, the others refrained from disturbing her. After a while, a commotion could be heard at the backstage entrance. As it turned out, Nicholas came in with a bouquet of flowers in his arms, followed by Tobias and Stefania.

Seeing the three of them, the staff members promptly stopped what they were doing and greeted them deferentially, saying, “Greetings, President Sawyer, Mr. Sawyer, and Mrs. Sawyer.”

Hearing the commotion as well, Tessa stood up from her chair in surprise. “Nicholas, Dad, Mom! What brings you guys here?”

“We’re here to congratulate you on your fantastic performance, of course.” Nicholas stared intently at her with a tender smile hovering on his lips. “You’re so charming and brilliant tonight. I’m proud of you!”

Tessa was pleased as she listened to this.

Stefania also praised, “Your performance was spectacular. I can’t imagine how hard it must’ve been for you.”

“It was fine, actually. It was tiring but in a happy sort of way. I enjoyed it,” Tessa said to Stefania, but her tender eyes were fixed upon Nicholas as she smiled at him.

Nicholas stared back at her affectionately.

Seeing how the couple looked at each other, everyone felt as though the air around them had become sweet.

However, Gregory stepped between the couple, refusing to be ignored. “Mommy, you’re super-duper awesome tonight! I heard many people praising you.” He looked up at Tessa with a look of adoration.

Overwhelmed by the boy’s cuteness, Tessa smiled even brighter. She replied, “You’ll be as awesome as I am in the future, Greg.”

Nicholas was vexed when he saw how oblivious his son was to the situation. Seeing his expression, Kieran and Timothy covered their mouths and sniggered.

At this moment, Sofia and Tessa’s seniors came over as well. Seeing Nicholas and others, they greeted them with a smile.

They exchanged a few greetings before Sofia noticed how weary Tessa was. She urged, “Why don’t you go back and rest early, Tessa? You’ve worked hard tonight. Just leave the rest of it to me and your seniors.”

Her suggestion was instantly echoed by a few other seniors. “President Sawyer, hurry and take Tessa home. She must be exhausted after playing the violin for such a long time today.”

“That’s right. Just go home and rest.”

Tessa nodded, feeling grateful to Sofia and her seniors for their help.

When they returned home afterward, Nicholas considerately ran a bath for Tessa.

Shortly after taking a bath, Tessa went to bed and fell asleep, unaware that everything about her performance had taken the Internet by storm. A netizen commented, ‘I can’t believe I’m saying this, but as a fan of rock music, I got fascinated listening to classical violin music tonight.’

Another commented, ‘You’re not alone, buddy. I was stunned listening to it.’

‘This piece Tessa played had a soul of its own. They were so melodic that people would slip into reverie while listening to them.’

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