Always Been Yours Chapter 1211

Chapter 1211 Do You Also Think She’s Brilliant

Gregory and Timothy had the same idea too. Then, Gregory asked excitedly, “Uncle Tim, Mommy is amazing, right?” Timothy nodded vigorously. “Yeah, she’s really amazing!”

Listening to the two of them praise Tessa to the skies, Kieran didn’t know whether to frown or laugh, though he very much agreed with them. My sister-in-law is the best and brightest person in the world, of course!

Meanwhile, the wonderfully dreamlike exceptional performance was broadcast live on the website of the Sawyer Group’s media company. As a result, netizens who had initially regretted not being able to attend the performance instantly felt very well-disposed toward the Sawyer Group. One netizen commented, ‘President Sawyer is so awesome! At last, I don’t have to regret being unable to watch my muse’s performance now.’

Another commented, ‘Oh, my God! To think so many celebrities and big names in music are attending the performance!’ ‘Her music is simply divine! It’s giving me eargasms!’

The netizens lavished praise on Tessa, whereas her fans, who were very proud of her, cheered for her on the Internet in every way possible. One of them commented, ‘As expected of my diva. What a spectacular performance!’

‘You know what? I’m gonna be a fan of hers all my life!’ ‘How I wish I could listen to such wonderful music every day! I’ll always be rooting for you, my diva!’

In the hospital, Amber was sitting on her sickbed. She looked rather sulky, recalling how Tessa hadn’t visited her for several days in a row and how Timothy had always left her to Sabrina, who was even better than her at calling names without throwing in a dirty word. In just a few days, she had found herself on the receiving end of this young lady’s sharp tongue.

Consequently, she was completely under Sabrina’s thumb. Usually, she dared not even make a sound, but Sabrina wasn’t here tonight because she had to attend Tessa’s performance.

There was only a maid in her ward. When the nurse came in to check on them and saw that they weren’t watching TV, she asked in surprise, “Why aren’t you two watching TV? Isn’t Miss Reinhart performing tonight?”

Amber let out a snort. “What’s so interesting about watching someone play the violin?” She didn’t think Tessa would achieve much of anything.

The nurse frowned slightly when she heard this. She couldn’t help but speak up for Tessa, saying, “You’re too prejudiced against Miss Reinhart, Old Mrs. Reinhart. She’s a great person.”

“What are you talking about? You’re just a nurse! What does my being prejudiced or not have to do with you?” Amber had been in a bad temper these days because of Sabrina. Therefore, after seeing that a nurse had actually come over and defended Tessa at this moment, Amber lost her temper at once. She tore into the nurse immediately, saying, “This is my family matter, and it’s none of your business. Just do your job as a nurse.”

Inwardly, the nurse felt a little uncomfortable; she thought this old woman was ungrateful. At first, she wanted to leave, but then, recalling how Tessa had always brought fruit for her and other medical staff whenever she visited the hospital, she decided to put up with it. She walked up to the TV in the ward and switched to Tessa’s performance. “Since you don’t believe it, just take a look. The performance is being broadcast on TV,” she said. With that, she put down the remote control and turned to leave.

Amber was stunned when she saw Tessa on TV. Dressed in a gorgeous white evening dress, Tessa stood upright on stage and confidently played the violin. She’d never seen Tessa like this before. At this moment, she felt Tessa was incomparably brilliant, as though Tessa had a bright halo surrounding her.

The maid, who had been quiet next to Amber all the time, also had her attention drawn to Tessa on TV, especially when she heard the violin piece Tessa played. She couldn’t help but compliment, “Miss Reinhart is so good at playing the violin.”

After hearing this, Amber looked at Tessa again with a dazed expression. “Do you also think she’s brilliant?” she asked the maid.

The maid was startled for a moment. She asked somewhat uncertainly, “Old Mrs. Reinhart, are you asking me about that?”

Amber shot a glare at her. “Is there anyone else here besides you?”

The maid gave an embarrassed smile. Then, she answered, “I think Miss Reinhart is a brilliant, strong-willed, and determined person. Even my daughter is a fan of hers.”

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