Always Been Yours Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210 A Bright Future Ahead of Her

Kieran looked at his serious grandfather, then turned his head and joked with Timothy, “My grandpa was really hypocritical just now. He said to us that he wasn’t coming, but when we went to pick him up, he had already gotten ready in advance.”

Timothy laughed a little, thinking that such an awkward version of Remus was a bit adorable, and his feelings toward Remus improved a lot in his heart.

He raised his eyes to look at Remus, but unexpectedly, their eyes met, so he nudged Kieran who was still talking beside him. “What’s wrong?” Kieran wasn’t aware, so he asked aloud.

Timothy could only signal him to look at Remus. At this time, Kieran finally noticed Remus’ unfriendly gaze, so he hurriedly chuckled and changed the subject. “Grandpa, don’t you think our location here has a better view than any other in this auditorium? This is a section specially reserved for us by Tessa.”

The old man snorted coldly.

Kieran didn’t mind too much. Then, he looked around the other seats and found that many famous local musical artists had come to watch the performance. There were even many celebrities who came to support Tessa.

“Grandpa, look! Isn’t Tessa’s concert very well-known? This is the first time she’s holding a concert, yet there are so many bigwigs from the industry here. It’s clear that Tessa is exceptional.” Kieran praised Tessa in front of his grandfather on behalf of his brother.

When Gregory next to him heard this, he immediately raised his head and said proudly, “Uncle Kieran, of course, Mommy is the best.” Everyone else laughed at his adorable appearance.

Nicholas nodded in agreement, and said in a cheerful and affectionate voice, “Tessa is an excellent woman. She’s truly outstanding, and she’s the only treasure that I want to cherish.”

At 8.00PM that night, the performance started on time. “Next, let us invite our protagonist tonight, Miss Tessa Reinhart, to bring you a wonderful and unforgettable performance!”

After engaging the crowd and warming up the atmosphere, the host excitedly announced Tessa to perform on stage. Following his words, all the lights went dark.

Then, a row of silver-white stage spotlights suddenly hit the center of the stage, and Tessa slowly walked onto the stage in a gorgeous golden dress.

After she bowed to the audience with a smile, she picked up her violin and started to play.

As the first opening song, she chose the ‘Czardas Dance’, which had a lively and upbeat melody, to warm up the atmosphere.

Everyone was amazed by her superb violin skills, and they couldn’t help but close their eyes and listen to the melody that flowed naturally.

That night, on the grand stage and under the spotlight, Tessa performed various styles of repertoire. What was more, the violin that she used was changed again. There was one that was given by her younger brother, one given by Nicholas, and one given by her grandmother.

Off the stage, the invited media never stopped taking pictures from the beginning to the end of the performance.

“Check out Tessa’s violin! It’s a violin with a great history!”

Someone noticed that the violin in Tessa’s hand was a unique one, and he quickly informed his coworkers. Soon, they discovered that there were several expensive and famous violins played by Tessa that night, and they hurriedly took many close-up shots of the violins.

In fact, they could already write a news piece on these famous violins alone!

At the VIP table, Stefania and Tobias also closed their eyes and enjoyed the delightful music.

The others were also pleasantly surprised by Tessa’s performance, and the bigwigs of the music industry who were present were full of praise for her.

“As expected of Sofia’s student! She has such extraordinary talent and skill.”

“It seems that another new name will rise in the local music industry soon.”

“I heard that she only studied with Sofia for less than a year before, but she’s already performing so well. She has a bright future ahead of her!”

As for the celebrities and other ordinary fans, although they didn’t really know how to listen to music professionally, they all felt that the music played by Tessa had uplifted them both physically and mentally.

At this moment, everyone witnessed Tessa’s excellence and brilliance.

Listening to the praises from all around him, Nicholas looked at Tessa with an extremely gentle gaze and was extremely proud of her.

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