Always Been Yours Chapter 1209

Chapter 1209 Such a Coward

With that, Oliver left crossly, leaving Wanda sitting on the couch alone, her face was dark and ugly. On the other hand, Nicholas was relieved to see that the netizens were distracted by Oliver’s scandal.

Seeing this, Kieran took the opportunity to claim credit and said, “How did I do? I did a good job on this matter, right? How do you plan to reward me?”

“Do you really want a reward for helping your sister-in-law?” Nicholas glanced over. Just as Kieran was shaking his head and saying that he wouldn’t dare, Nicholas’ cold voice sounded in his ears again.

“However, if you seek justice for her, a reward isn’t out of the question.” “What reward?” Kieran immediately asked curiously.

Nicholas pretended to be secretive and said, “This depends on how well you handle things.” “Okay, I’ll take care of this matter! I will definitely seek justice for Tessa!”

Then, Kieran left happily. In fact, even if his brother didn’t offer him a reward, he would still find a way to help Tessa out. After all, he would never let Tessa be wronged unjustly.

In the afternoon of the same day, news about Hadfield Group broke out again on the Internet. It turned out that after Kieran went back, he used his personal social media account to call Oliver out.

“Hey, Oliver! Do you dare to come out and fight me openly? How shameless are you to bully my pregnant sister-in-law online? How did the Hadfield Family raise you into such a coward?”

As soon as this was posted, all the netizens were stunned.

It was only moments later that they realized that the Hadfield Group was the mastermind behind the online defamation against Tessa before.

‘This company is too despicable and shameless. They couldn’t go against the Sawyer Group, so they turned to defame an innocent woman.’

‘No wonder President Sawyer and Master Kieran are so angry and brought this up one after another. If it were me, I would be angry too.’

‘Right? All my goddess did was just post a selfie. She simply wanted to share her life with us, but those shameless people misinterpreted it!’

Some netizens even felt that Wanda had something to do with Oliver’s smearing of Tessa.

‘Actually, I also doubt this woman.’ ‘Doubt? She’s definitely involved in this. Oliver is her fiancé, and this woman had plotted against our goddess multiple times!’

‘This despicable couple deserves each other; they both have the same rotten cores.’ Right now, the Hadfield Group and Wanda were being criticized even more harshly on the Internet.

When Wanda saw those unpleasant words on the Internet, she regretted things very much. At this moment, she finally knew what it was like to shoot herself in the foot.

Tessa actually knew about what was going on, but she didn’t pay any attention at all.

After all, she had been busy training every day and wished that she had more than 24 hours a day. How could she waste her precious time over irrelevant people?

In the following days, the Hadfield Group and Wanda gradually grew more scrupulous after the bad publicity on the Internet. Soon, public opinion about them also gradually became more neutral on the Internet.

At this time, the day of Tessa’s solo performance finally arrived. On the day of the performance, the situation on site was very vibrant and the seats were all sold out. The media even reported the event. Many netizens were very surprised to see the photos that were posted live.

‘My God, it’s so grand.’

‘If I didn’t know that it’s a concert, I would have thought it was the opening ceremony of the film festival.’

‘My goddess is amazing! Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get a ticket. I feel so sad that I want to cry.’

The netizens began discussing all kinds of things, and they kept urging the media to post more updates quickly.

On the other side, Tessa also came backstage early to prepare.

Everyone was very busy backstage, and many people came and went while getting ready.

As this was the first solo performance in the country, Tessa also attached great importance to it.

After she put on her makeup, she followed her instructor around to make final checks and confirm the schedule.

In the auditorium, Nicholas also brought Timothy and his family to the VIP seats. Remus also came, wearing a very formal suit. Soon, the whole family sat properly in the VIP section of the auditorium.

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