Always Been Yours Chapter 1208

Chapter 1208 You Need a Better Excuse

At the end of the assistant’s speech, the assistant’s voice became serious. At this time, Oliver’s face was indescribably ugly. “What is the PR department doing? Do they think that I hired them for display purposes?”

He shouted angrily at his assistant, “The previous matter couldn’t be resolved because of the Sawyer Group’s presence, but today’s matter is just a scandal! Can’t they resolve it?”

The assistant didn’t dare to even breathe properly after being scolded by Oliver. She simply stood there with a lowered gaze. After a while, Oliver’s anger decreased a little, but his face was still very ugly.

“Go and tell those in the PR department that I’ll give them one day. If they still can’t handle the issue online, they should just get the hell out of here!”

“Understood.” The assistant nodded and left. Oliver was the only one left in the office. Just as he was getting ready to work again, the phone on the table rang. It was a call from Wanda.

“Oliver, what’s going on regarding that matter on the Internet about those two women?” “Wanda, don’t believe what’s being said on the Internet. It’s all nonsense from the media. I don’t know those two women.”

Hearing the anger in Wanda’s tone, Oliver quickly explained. Just as he finished speaking, Wanda sneered on the phone, “You don’t know them? Oliver, you need a better excuse than that. With such a bad excuse, are you looking down on my intellect? ”

“I’m not—”

Before Oliver could say another word, he was interrupted by Wanda’s admonishment.

“You’re not? What? Are you going to insist that you’re not acquainted with them? If you really don’t know them, how did they both end up conceiving your children?”

“Wanda, you have to believe me. I really don’t know these two women. They’re blackmailing me.” Oliver tried to explain again.

Wanda was so infuriated that she laughed at his words. “Why would they blackmail you on purpose and not others? Oliver, things don’t just happen without a reason. Don’t take me for a fool!”

“Wanda, I’m not lying to you, and I do suspect that someone is deliberately messing with me with this matter. So, you must not believe those things on the Internet.”

Oliver was afraid that Wanda would misunderstand, so he simply said what was on his mind.

Unfortunately, Wanda didn’t believe him at all. Besides, her purpose in making this call was not to question Oliver, but for another reason entirely.

“I don’t care what this is all about. In any case, I can’t afford to lose my reputation. The marriage engagement between us ends today!”

When Oliver heard Wanda’s words, his face immediately fell.

“I disagree!”

He rejected Wanda sharply and even hung up the phone at once.

Not only was he marrying Wanda because he liked her, but also because the marriage would strengthen Hadfield Group.

Now that there was such a crisis going on in Hadfield Group, if the marriage engagement was terminated, the company situation would become even worse!

Thinking of this, Oliver couldn’t sit still anymore.

In the first place, Wanda hadn’t been satisfied with this marriage engagement at all, and now that something like this happened, she would definitely insist on canceling the engagement.

Later, Oliver immediately stopped working and went directly to the Muller Residence.

In the luxurious living room of the Muller Residence, Oliver was frustrated because no matter how he explained, Wanda remained indifferent.

But after all, he was the one who had caused trouble, so he could only try to persuade her. “Although I lived a frivolous life before, I’ve never fooled around again ever since I got together with you. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my friends.”

“Why should I ask your friends? It doesn’t make any difference to me how you were before and how you are now.”

Wanda didn’t care at all. After all, she wanted to take this opportunity to call off the marriage engagement.

Her uncommunicative attitude finally angered Oliver, who had grown up pampered and coddled after all, and he had never acted so humble toward anyone before.

“Wanda, don’t think that I don’t know what you’re trying to do. You just want to break off the engagement with me so that you can find a way to marry Nicholas. Let me tell you this! I will never let you go!”

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