Always Been Yours Chapter 1207

Chapter 1207 Karma

‘Am I the only one who cares about what will happen to these two women?’ ‘This Hadfield Group president is a complete jerk. Despite being engaged, he’s still having fun with other women. Moreover, he refuses to take responsibility for these children.’

‘That’s right! I’m so pissed off. Who cares if he’s wealthy?’ ‘The same goes for these two women. Why do they want to be his mistress?’

At that moment, Oliver and the two women who came to find him were the targets of harsh criticism from netizens. In addition, some people who brought up Wanda felt sorry for her, while others took pleasure in her misfortune.

“Although I dislike Wanda, I feel sorry for her. With such a fiancé, I’m afraid she won’t be happy even after she gets married.”

‘She is pitiful, without a doubt. Can you even fathom the possibility that a woman will show up at their house with a child after they get married and claim the child is Oliver’s?’

‘Pfft! I couldn’t help laughing when I saw the comment above.’

‘I believe that this is karma. After all, she had previously destroyed the happiness of others.’

‘So, don’t do bad things, guys. Otherwise, you’ll face retribution!’

Wanda was completely oblivious to the current trending news on the Internet. She had been in and out of the meeting rooms throughout the day due to her packed schedule of meetings. Once the last meeting was over, she and Samantha exited the meeting room to find the other employees in the company peculiarly staring at her.

She initially believed that something was wrong with her outfit.

However, after a careful inspection, during which she asked Samantha to critique her makeup, she concluded there was nothing wrong with her appearance.

So, she approached the nearest employee, frowned, and inquired, “Why are you staring at me in that manner?”

“Uh…” The employee seemed flustered and unsure of how to respond to the question. It looks like Miss Muller doesn’t know the latest news on the Internet!

When Wanda noticed the employee hesitating, her patience wore thin, and she hissed, “I’m asking you a question.”

“Miss Muller is asking you a question. Quickly answer,” Samantha chimed in as she prompted the employee to respond.

The employee was cornered, so she closed her eyes and responded honestly. “There are widespread rumors on the Internet that the president of the Hadfield Group cheated on you, and the woman became pregnant.”

Wanda was stunned to hear that, and her face dropped as she turned and returned to the office. Samantha sensed the anger emanating from Wanda and chose not to follow her. Instead, she requested the employee to show her the news on the Internet. Soon, she read the news about Oliver’s infidelity on the Internet and was similarly dumbfounded. How dare Mr. Hadfield treat Miss Muller in such a disrespectful manner?

At that moment, Wanda returned to her office. She sat at her desk, reading the article about Oliver’s multiple cheating incidents, and her face flushed with anger.

“Oliver, how dare you!” Frustrated, she clenched her teeth.

After reading the scathing remarks that the other netizens had left, she became even more enraged.

At that time, Hadfield Group news continued to trend on the Internet. Many online commenters found Oliver’s treatment of the pregnant women extremely rude and offensive, and they accused him of being sexist. Inevitably, this led to him being criticized by women online. In addition, it exacerbated a pre-existing situation at Hadfield Group, as the previous lawsuit was still ongoing, and the company was the target of widespread online ridicule.

‘It looks like it won’t be long before the Hadfield Group collapses.’

‘The faster it falls, the better. A company of this shady nature has no place in today’s society.’

‘If the Hadfield Group goes bankrupt, I will celebrate by setting off fireworks.’

A scandal of this magnitude had, without a doubt, dealt a significant blow to the Hadfield Group.

Shortly after the news was made public a few hours ago, Oliver’s previous efforts to save the company were for naught.

In the massive president’s office, the assistant stood in the middle of the room with a morose face and reported, “President Hadfield, the bank is concerned about the risk and uncertainty posed by our company because of its damaged reputation. They strongly advise us to make adjustments to the current loan and… The stock market has also been making headlines with the news that our stocks, showing signs of improvement, have hit a new low. Many of our shareholders are experiencing anxiety and may sell their shares‌.”

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