Always Been Yours Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206 The Father of My Child

Soon, the person in charge of the company called Kieran and reported to him, “Master Kieran, I have discovered that these companies have connections with the Hadfield Group. I suspect that the Hadfield Group deliberately went up against President Sawyer’s wife because they could not do anything to the Sawyer Group.”

It turned out that Wanda was not looking for someone within her own connections. Instead, she was using the resources of Hadfield Group to defame Tessa. However, Kieran didn’t know about that.

After listening to the report from the person in charge, he became livid. “I see. Send word to your men to keep an eye on Hadfield Group and those media outlets. If they make any moves, report to me immediately.”

Following that, he got off the phone and went to look for his brother. As soon as he saw Nicholas, he got to the point about why he was there. “Nicholas, I found out who is targeting Tessa.”

“Who is it?” Suddenly, Nicholas raised his head and stared coldly at his brother. Without hesitation, Kieran stated, “It’s the Hadfield Group.”

When he heard that, Nicholas immediately narrowed his eyes, and the pupils of his black eyes were as cold as ice.

At that moment, Kieran snorted coldly, “That Oliver is a despicable person. Since he was powerless against us, he shifted his attention to Tessa. How contemptible of him!”

“Playing dirty isn’t something Oliver often does,” Nicholas said coldly. Kieran found his brother’s insight to be reasonable. So, he scratched his chin and grinned devilishly as if he had devised a cunning plan.

“Nicholas, given that the Hadfield Group is so bold, what do you think about making a big deal out of it?”

“What? Do you have an idea?” Nicholas fixed his gaze on him. Kieran nodded. “During my investigation, I uncovered some new information that I found to be fascinating.”

“In that case, I’ll leave this matter to you.” Instead of inquiring about Kieran’s discovery, Nicholas delegated responsibility to him.

In the afternoon, two tall, well-dressed women were arguing at the front desk of Hadfield Group.

It turned out that both of them claimed to be Oliver’s girlfriends, and they came to find him to take responsibility because they were pregnant.

The two knew each other, and the situation quickly escalated and spiraled out of control.

“Mr. Oliver is the father of my child. As for the baby in your womb, it’s hard to say if it’s his.”

“What an absurd woman you are. How do you know whether or not my child is his? Do you seriously believe I have no idea what kind of person you are?”

The two women yelled at one another and eventually became so upset that they began pushing one another.

As soon as the assistant learned about it, he rushed to Oliver’s office to inform him.

“Why are you bringing this sort of thing to my attention? Get someone to remove them.”

Then, he impatiently beckoned the assistant to leave.

He was too preoccupied with work to give much thought to women after what had happened.

After the assistant received Oliver’s directive, he contacted the company’s security and requested that the women be removed from the premises. So, how could those two women voluntarily leave without meeting with him?

They stopped fighting and held on to the front desk for dear life, refusing to leave the building.

“I want to see Oliver!”

“I’m warning you not to touch me! Let me tell you, I’m carrying your president’s baby. You can’t handle the weight of responsibility if anything happens to the baby!”

The two women confronted security guards who had tried to remove them from the premises.

Soon, someone posted about it on social media, and it quickly gained traction and became a topic of conversation.

Oliver had always been frivolous and constantly spent time with different women, so it was natural that he had engaged in intimate behavior with many of them. There had been previous instances in which women sought him out, but because Hadfield Group was a relatively low-profile company at the time and he handled the situation expeditiously, there was no major scandal.

After these two women came to the Hadfield Group looking for him during such a tumultuous time, it was obviously impossible to keep the matter under wraps like it had been done in the past.

When the scandal was brought to their attention, the netizens were completely stunned by the information they had read.

‘People often say that the entertainment industry is murky and lawless, but I don’t see how the rich and powerful are any better.’

‘Tsk‌, the president of the Hadfield Group is really physically apt, huh? Two women are pregnant with his children at the same time.’

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