Always Been Yours Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205 An Announcement

After hanging up the phone, Kieran immediately gave orders to the entertainment company he was in charge of.

As his entertainment company was also powerful in the industry, it didn’t take long for him to find out the result. Someone was deliberately stirring things up on the Internet!

The slandering online only got worse, and it even influenced some of the fans who were originally fond of Tessa. ‘You look all innocent, but you’re a conniving woman. I was wrong about you. Bye.’

‘I want a refund. Someone who wants quick success can’t possibly play good music. This is all a publicity stunt.’ ‘Right! She only wants our money.’

Tessa, who was in a good mood after she woke up in the morning, immediately turned grumpy when she saw the comments. Noticing the shift in her mood, Nicholas worriedly asked, “What’s wrong? Why do you look so upset? Do you feel unwell?”

“No, I’m fine. I’m just in a bad mood.” As she spoke, she passed her phone to Nicholas. His face quickly fell when he read through the scolding online.

“No need to be in a bad mood. They can get a refund all they want. They’re the ones losing out if they miss your performance.” He then pulled the phone away from her hand. “Alright, don’t pay attention to these people who don’t matter. Let’s head downstairs for breakfast. Don’t you have to go to the training camp for training later?”

Tessa thought that he was right. She had a clear conscience, and she wouldn’t let these people affect her mood.

On the other hand, Wanda was gloating when she saw how things had developed.

“Oh, Tessa. As long as I’m here, I’ll never let your performance go smoothly.”

She took out her phone and contacted someone again. She was planning to do something worse to get Tessa blacklisted.

However, before her plan could be carried out, things on the Internet took a turn.

It turned out that Nicholas had ordered Edward to notify the company’s PR department to send a notice when he arrived at the company.

Despite telling Tessa to not mind it just this morning, it seemed like he was worried about this as well.

The content of the announcement was to help Tessa clarify that she did not put Gregory online deliberately. Everything she did was with the Sawyer Family’s permission.

Nicholas also mentioned that it was ridiculous calling Tessa Gregory’s stepmother because she was the child’s one and only mother.

Lastly, he warned the media to cease such discussions, or he would get the law involved.

Tessa’s fans immediately voiced their support when they saw the announcement.

‘Good job, President Sawyer!’

‘You’re so cool for going this far to protect your wife!’

‘Ah! My heart! I can’t! I ship them with all my heart!’

‘Where did the haters go? I bet they’re embarrassed.’

Alice also saw the announcement on the Internet, and she immediately went to Tessa with her phone.

“Tessa! I’m so jealous of how lucky you are!” she exclaimed, confusing Tessa with her sudden squealing.


“Look.” Alice quickly passed her phone to Tessa smilingly. “President Sawyer is using his influence to protect his wife online. He is so cool and romantic!”

Hearing that, Tessa lowered her head to look at the phone. Her eyes suddenly felt hot when she saw the announcement posted by Sawyer Group on the Internet.

She didn’t think he would do something so touching for her.

Alice started teasing her then. “How’s it? Aren’t you moved?”

“Sure am.” Tessa nodded without looking away from the phone. Her eyes were now glistening from the hot tears that welled up as she wore a bright smile on her face.

Nicholas announcing that she was Gregory’s only mother was his acknowledgment of her.

What she didn’t know was that she was Gregory’s biological mother.

However, she hadn’t given this any thought at all.

Even though the Sawyer Group had voiced out against the comments online, the comments wouldn’t stop just because of that one official response the company gave.

His effective usage of the media had calmed the storm.

At the same time, the entertainment company under Sawyer Group had investigated several media that were specifically targeting Tessa.

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