Always Been Yours Chapter 1204

Chapter 1204 Trolls

It didn’t take long before trolls appeared on her Twitter. ‘I’m not sure if y’all have rose-colored glasses on or you are blind. This woman is obviously using her stepson to maintain her popularity.’

‘Poor child. He’s clueless about being taken advantage of by his evil stepmom.’ “A violinist who keeps appearing in entertainment news, huh? Is she trying to enter the entertainment industry because her future in the classical music industry is bleak?’

‘How disgusting. She’s even used a child for her own popularity.’ “Come on, this is a public persona she’s selling. Who the hell was it that said she’s a winner in life? Do you really think a woman as shameless as she deserves that title?’

As soon as the comments were posted, many people started agreeing as well. ‘I’ve always thought she’s super fake. Seems like what I thought is true.’

‘Oh, she honestly disgusts me. She’s definitely an evil woman pretending to be a good stepmother.’ ‘The rich always have a skeleton in their closet. From the TV shows I’ve watched over the years, I can already guess that she’s up to no good.’

These trolls who were a group of Internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments had gathered to slander Tessa in no time. Tessa’s followers didn’t know that, and they were fuming when they saw the comments. They soon started to fight back.

‘When did Tessa ever use her child?’ ‘You fools are lying through your teeth. Don’t you see how close our muse and her baby are in the photo?’

‘Also, our Sweetheart loves his Mommy! He made an account just for her.’ Fans dug up Gregory’s Twitter account as well as his previous comments on Tessa’s page to refute the trolls with reason and evidence.

Even so, the trolls continued to push it. “What a joke. Do you really think a five-year-old child knows how to make a Twitter account? Can he type? She obviously has a team that’s in charge of doing all this.”

Many people were persuaded as soon as that comment came out. They did think that the most five-year-old kids could do was play games on the phone. Also, how could children who could barely spell write in full sentences?

What no one knew was that not only did Gregory know how to construct sentences, but he was also a highly skilled expert in computers.

Because of this, the fans lost their argument with the trolls.

After Tessa was done with practice, she noticed the solemn expression on Alice’s face when Alice plodded toward her.

“What’s the matter?” she asked caringly. “Why do you look so glum?”

Alice hid nothing as she told Tessa everything on the Internet.

After that, she tried to comfort Tessa. “These trolls are just jealous of you and are trying to defame you. Don’t mind them.”

Even though Tessa nodded, she still felt disheartened about it.

She had never even thought about using Gregory for anything, and yet the trolls were speculating the worst.

At the same time, she was hit by the realization that she had done something without thinking it through—she shouldn’t have impulsively revealed Gregory’s face on the Internet.

After she went home, she told Nicholas what happened with her head lowered like a child who had done something wrong.

“I’ve never wanted to use Gregory. I only wanted everyone to see my Sweetheart, but I didn’t consider the possibility of things taking a turn like this. I’m really sorry,” she apologized as she reflected upon her mistake.

Nicholas’ heart was broken when he saw how much she blamed herself.

Pulling her into his chest, he comforted her. “Don’t read too much into it, and don’t mind what others think. You do you. There are both good and bad people after all.”

Tessa only nodded in response.

However, Nicholas started worrying about it instead after he was done coaxing her.

He couldn’t help thinking about how sudden and odd the negative comments came.

After they had dinner, he took the chance when Tessa was busy with something else to contact Kieran.

“Find out what you can about what’s happening online. Check if someone is deliberately sullying Tessa’s name.”

“Aye, I’m on it.”

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