Always Been Yours Chapter 1203

Chapter 1203 Stir Things Up

Despite Gregory’s blast of comments, the result was still the same. He hugged the computer angrily, his delicate, ruby-lipped mouth turned so pouty it could hold a pencil.

Noticing his strange behavior, Tessa asked out of concern, “What’s the matter, Sweetheart?” “Mommy! I was telling the adults that you’re mine, but all of them ignored me! This is unacceptable!”

Gregory huddled over to complain while he showed Tessa his comments. Tessa almost went out of breath from laughing when she saw the comments, but being cared for like this made her feel like she was the happiest person on earth.

She wasted no time in following Gregory’s Twitter then. As this was the first account she followed, she quickly garnered the attention of her fans again. ‘Huh? Is our muse actually following someone? Who is it?’

‘SweetheartLovesMommy? That’s cute.’ While the fans were having a fervent discussion, Tessa posted a selfie of her and Gregory on her Twitter.

‘My sweetheart and me! Who’s the cuter one?’ she wrote as her caption. The fans were in an uproar the moment she posted the photo.

‘What an adorable baby!’ ‘He’s prettier than a doll. Oh, my ol’ heart can’t take this.’ ‘My muse, I don’t want your husband anymore. Give me your sweet child!’

Just like that, Gregory had tons of following from older women. When the next day came, Tessa went to the training camp for training after breakfast as usual.

She met Alice as soon as she stepped into the place.

“Good morning, Alice.”

“Morning!” After greeting her, Alice praised excitedly, “Tessa, your son is great. He got hundreds of thousands of followers in just one night after you posted a photo of his side profile. Your following has grown a lot because of it too. You’ve broken through the 50 million mark.”

But I only posted the photo yesterday! Tessa was stunned by Gregory’s unexpectedly high popularity.

She couldn’t help taking out her phone and going on Twitter, only to see that Gregory had gained more than 400 thousand followers!

The comments below were all asking for photos, but Gregory didn’t respond to any of them.

That might be the reason all those women following Gregory went to leave comments on Tessa’s page.

‘This is a robbery. Hand over the baby.’

‘We want to see the baby. We want to see the baby in ‘Three Meals A Day’ today, or else we’ll start revolting!’

‘Three Meals A Day’ was a series of training videos that fans asked Tessa to post every day.

Of course, in addition to begging for Gregory’s photos in the comments, many people were envious of Tessa.

‘My muse must have saved a country in her past life for her to end up living such a good life this time around!’

‘Not only does she have a rich and handsome husband, but she also has such a cute baby! She’s a winner in life!’

‘I can’t. I’m jealous. How are we of the same age, and yet I’m still single?’

‘Our muse’s Twitter has been harmful to my mental health these two days, but I can’t let her go…’

‘My muse, do you need a daughter-in-law? Just give me your address and I’ll send one to you right away!’

Tessa was humored by the funny comments her adorable fans left.

After she responded to some particularly fun ones, she put all her attention into her training.

Wanda, on the other hand, was as angry and jealous as she could be when she saw how much the people loved Tessa.

“Are they blind?! What’s so great about that b*tch?!” Irked, she cursed through clenched teeth.

How is that b*tch a winner in life, and I, the daughter of the Muller Family, end up taking the heat?

Gradually getting more upset at the thought, she suddenly had a bright, evil idea.

Now that the oh-so-popular Tessa had a special show coming soon, it only seemed appropriate for Wanda to make use of the chance to drag her name through the mud.

She immediately put her thoughts into action when she contacted her friend who worked in the media next.

She wanted someone to stir things up by turning the comments about Tessa on the Internet against Tessa.

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