Always Been Yours Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202 SweetheartLovesMommy

The netizens were even more astonished. After all, despite Kieran being active on social media, Nicholas rarely had his photos posted on the Internet. It didn’t take long before the netizens came together and kept talking about Nicholas.

‘My goodness, and here I thought Master Kieran was the nationally-recognized Prince Charming. I wasn’t aware he has a brother who’s even hotter than him! God must have been proud when he sculpted that face.’

‘I’m sorry for being unfaithful, Master Kieran. That face of your brother has captured my heart.’ ‘Geez, President Sawyer is such a gentleman. Look at how caring he is to Tessa.’

Tessa’s fans had also seen the photos, and they were all captivated by Nicholas’ looks. ‘Handsome AND rich. He’s every woman’s ideal candidate for a husband. You’re such a lucky woman, Tessa!’

“Oh no. I’m getting jealous of my muse.’ ‘You’re not the only one. Such perfection should belong to everyone. How can our muse enjoy him for herself?!’

The person who commented that immediately received tons of support. Many fans went to Tessa’s Twitter to post all kinds of jokes.

‘Give us your husband! You’re still the muse we love.’ ‘My muse… Can you fight? I’m about to fight for your man.’ ‘I don’t care anymore. President Sawyer is my husband after I declare it.’

All that shatter on the Internet soon reached Tessa’s ears. She never thought Nicholas’ side profile alone could stir up a storm online.

“What has my husband done? Look at all these bees and butterflies?” She reached out to playfully pinch his cheek as she pretended to huff angrily. “Look! My fans have turned into my love rivals! They’re all declaring war with me over you.”

Nicholas lovingly let her do all she wanted, but he never stopped scrolling through the comments. In fact, the fans on Twitter were not only trying to ‘snatch’ Tessa’s husband. There were also male fans who were trying to ‘take’ Tessa away from him.

Everyone was eager for the fray.

‘Let’s do it this way. Y’all can have President Sawyer, and I’ll have my muse.’

‘Thank you for existing, President Sawyer. You’ve effectively reduced my rivals in love by half. I’m a step closer to my muse now.’

‘I want to marry you and have our own little family, my muse.’

Nicholas gradually grew upset when he saw these declarations of love.

With a snort, he suddenly lowered his head and bit her pink lips.

“I’m attracting all these bees and butterflies? You seem pretty good at it as well, hmm?”

She blinked before fanning her hands playfully. “Oh my, is that jealousy I smell? I wonder where it’s coming from.”

“It’s from your husband.” He pinched her nose affectionately.

They both suddenly burst into laughter then.

However, Nicholas was still brooding over the comments after some time had passed. “You should turn off the comments tomorrow.”

That only made her chortle even more. What a jealous man, she thought to herself.

She knew that he was just joking, but she willingly played along as she gave a nod. “Sure. No one else can call you their husband that way. You’re my husband.”

With a gentle smile on his face, he lowered his head again to give her a peck when she held his face between her palms.

Gregory felt depressed when he watched the two showing off their love for each other.

He, too, wanted his mother’s kisses and hugs! However, he knew that he could never win against his father.

Daddy’s such a meanie! He keeps taking Mommy away from me!

Filled with unjust, the child never ceased his hands’ motion.

He might not be able to win against his father, but he had to declare his authority to the people of the Internet.

He proceeded to register a Twitter account for himself without his parents’ knowledge and named it SweetheartLovesMommy.

After the account was successfully created, he immediately followed Tessa’s Twitter, and then began to leave comments to stake his claim.

‘Mommy is mine!”

He expectantly waited for the moment his comments to render others shocked, and yet, his comment was soon buried by the comments of all the other people on the Internet.

In a fit of anger, the child began to write comment after comment.

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