Always Been Yours Chapter 1201

Chapter 1201 The Interview Is in the Afternoon

Wanda frowned and retorted, “It’s my business whomever I want to marry. It’s got nothing to do with you!” Hearing that made Oliver sneer. “We have a contract to marry. I’m the only one you can marry. You have to be mine!”

“Ha! You and your overactive imagination!” She rejected him again, making his face fall immediately. He was no fool. He could tell at this moment that Wanda never had thoughts of marrying him.

“Whether I’m imagining things or not, I’ll show you with facts. Anyhow, I’ll never let you go!” He turned around and left right after he threw that out.

Wanda’s face was sullen as she watched his retreating back. In the next two days, the incident with the Hadfield Group was still all the talk on the Internet.

However, the company didn’t respond in any other way throughout this period. Netizens began to make fun of them online when they saw this. ‘Did Hadfield Group hit a dead end?’

‘Maybe not that bad. They’re probably guilty, which is why they’re staying put now.’ ‘Why don’t they just give the 5 million anyway? Why drag it on?’

‘Haven’t you heard? The richer you are, the stingier you become.’ Edward had been keeping an eye on this incident, but he knew way more than the netizens did.

At that moment, he came to the office to report the latest news. “President Sawyer, the victim has already had a document drafted and evidence collected. He is going to sue the Hadfield Group.”

“Alright. Keep yourself updated about the progress. The victim must receive his compensation.” Nicholas didn’t want to bother himself with this anymore after he instructed Edward.

After all, the most he did was move things along in this matter. The Hadfield Group would know better than to pick a bone with him if they were smart.

In Nicholas’ opinion, everything the Hadfield Group was forced to deal with now was entirely their fault!

Half a month had passed in the blink of an eye.

It was also almost time for Tessa’s special performance.

Alice had consistently been posting her training videos online throughout this period, which was why her popularity had been on the rise.

Even the rest of the members of Sofia Symphony had made a name for themselves on the Internet.

On this day, Sofia came to the country before an interview she would have.

Tessa was the one who went all the way to the airport to pick her up.

On their way back, Sofia told her, “The interview is in the afternoon. I’ve let them know that you’ll be coming with me.”

“Thank you for giving me the chance, Miss Sofia. Is there anything I need to prepare?”

Tessa was touched that Sofia was bringing her along. She knew that Sofia wanted to help her build momentum for her special performance.

Hearing that, Tessa let out a kind smile. “Just dress yourself up. They’ll be using a photo of us together as the cover photo. You don’t have to prepare for anything else.”

Tessa merely nodded in response.

In the afternoon, the master and her apprentice came to the Hall of Fame, which was currently one of the most authoritative magazines in the country.

The interview went on smoothly.

The host, too, was very kind, and he asked Tessa about her performance to help her gain publicity.

“I’ve been following your videos on Twitter nowadays, Miss Reinhart, and I can tell that training has been tough. What do you think would be the outcome of your performance?”

“I want to give my most perfect and exciting performance. I’m sure it will be a nice surprise for my listeners,” she confidently announced.

Sofia also praised her for her violin playing.

When the interview finally ended after some time, Nicholas drove to the magazine office to give Tessa a lift.

After a few exchanges of pleasantries, Sofia waved at Tessa and bid her farewell. “You should head home with President Sawyer. Marjorie is here anyway. You don’t have to send me off.”

Tessa nodded in response before she intimately hugged Nicholas’ arms on their way to the car.

Nicholas was also a gentleman for opening and holding the door for her.

Unbeknownst to the couple, they were photographed by paparazzi nearby.

Even though they only managed to take photos of his side profile, his impeccable appearance, as well as his innate noble and extraordinary temperament, soon set off a huge wave on the Internet.

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