Always Been Yours Chapter 1199

Chapter 1199 A 50-Thousand Compensation?

In the end, he had no other choice but to make up a person to blame on. In the afternoon of the same day, facing the inspection team sent by the higher-ups, Oliver defended himself calmly.

“After the incident happened, I immediately asked someone to allocate compensation to the project leader and asked him to pass it on to the victims. This is the document I approved at that time. Please, have a look.” While speaking, he handed over a somewhat old document. “Actually, our company has been closely investigating this after this incident came to light.”

“Oh? Did your company get any leads?” the person from the inspection team asked while checking the documents. Good thing Oliver had anticipated such a question.

He took out a yellowed account ledger and spoke outright, “We found that there were major problems with the accounts of the project. The funds in many places were vague and not verified, and the matter this time was not recorded in the ledger. I think that the person in charge took advantage of his position to embezzle public funds.”

Needless to say, his frankness and willingness to cooperate with the investigation convinced the investigation team somehow.

The team leader looked through the ledger, only to find that there were indeed many gaps in the records. Closing the ledger, he asked again, “Where is the person in charge now?”

“They resigned a long time ago. But I have filed a case with the police to hunt down the person. Of course, for the victim, our company is willing to pay another 50 thousand as consolation money,” Oliver told them what he had been planning to do right from the start.

Hearing that, the investigation team no longer said anything else, and they soon left. On the same day, the matter of the compensation was posted on the Internet through the company’s official website.

However, they were immediately bombarded with mocking comments when the sum of the compensation was announced. ’50 thousand? Does Hadfield Group think these are beggars they’re dealing with?’

‘You can’t even get a decent house with so little money. And you’ve ruined a child’s life!’ ‘It’s not just the child. A perfect family had been torn apart because of this incident. Not only that, the employee is paralyzed. He can only stay in bed for the rest of his life, relying on medicine to stay alive. I don’t think even 5 million suffices. Where did you even get the courage to bring up a 50-thousand compensation?’

At the same time, the victim quickly issued a statement on the Internet through the media when he saw the support he received on the Internet.

‘I have hired a lawyer and demanded 5 million in compensation from the Hadfield Group. I don’t want much. I just want my poor child to grow up in a good environment.’

The people on the Internet immediately voiced their support when they saw his statement.

‘You should’ve done this way back. The matter with the child wouldn’t have been delayed until now.’

”Go ahead and sue them. Don’t worry if your lawyer sucks. I’m a lawyer too. I’ll gladly help you.’

‘Michael Carter Law Firm, at your service.’

Within a short time, many outstanding lawyers and law firms had stood up and expressed their willingness to support him.

After all, a company as big as the Hadfield Group must have trained an eloquence of excellent lawyers.

It would be difficult for average lawyers to win against them.

Oliver was furious when he saw the result of the announcement in his office.

“That old f*ck!” He angrily swiped everything on the floor.

His anger was still not quenched despite his doing that.

“5 million!” His chest rose and fell heavily. “How dare he! Is he not afraid that he would lose his life before he gets to spend that money?!”

He pointed at the photo of the victim, a migrant worker, on the computer screen on the ground as he gnashed his teeth and cursed. His eyes were even more sinister and terrifying than his tone.

At this moment, his assistant knocked on the door and came in. He couldn’t help feeling a little afraid when he saw the messy room and the angry man not far away from him.

However, as he reminded himself of the reason he came here, he could only bite the bullet and inform, “President Hadfield, the directors are in the conference room now. They request your presence.”

Oliver immediately knew that the directors were here because of what was on the Internet.

“Get someone to clean up this mess.” After throwing that out, he glumly trudged to the conference room.

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