Always Been Yours Chapter 1197

Chapter 1197 Mask Pack

‘It turns out birds of the same feather do flock together. The evil duo ended up being together.’ ‘We’ll have to be careful when we buy things in the future. Don’t buy products under Muller Inc. or Hadfield Group. They might sell us counterfeit products!’

‘Oliver Hadfield sure is a gutsy one for marrying her. There are tons of rich daughters in Southend, and yet he chose to marry a vicious woman who is inspiring to be a mistress. I’ll never, ever not believe that the two families aren’t scheming something.’

Some netizens even pointed their finger at Wanda. ‘You’re seriously everywhere, man… What’s a witch like you still doing in the public eye? You gross me out.”

‘Hey, skank! Get lost!’ ‘Take your sh*tty company back to your country with you.’ Wanda, who was home, almost went crazy from anger when she saw the news on the Internet.

“What is Oliver doing? How am I involved in this?!” she growled through clenched teeth. Right then, she received a call from him Her face was cold when she accepted the call and demanded, “What the hell, Oliver?! Why am I being involved in your company’s affairs?”

“Don’t mind what you see online, I’m already dealing with them here. I won’t let any of these get to you again,” he coaxed her calmly. She only scoffed upon hearing his words. “That’s what you say, but this already involves me. Explain yourself. What the hell is going on?!”

“Sawyer Group is the one behind all this.” Instead of hiding the truth, he truthfully told her the information he found.

“Sawyer Group?” Wanda was a little surprised when she heard this. “When did you step on their toes?”

Oliver began to tell her everything that happened. “Remember what you had me do before? Sawyer Group found out about it. They quietly took care of the few companies. Those companies came to me because they couldn’t stand the coercion. I wanted to take advantage of this incident to embarrass him at the banquet last night, but I failed. I had someone spread rumors around today as well, but I didn’t expect Sawyer Group would react so quickly.”

Wanda was itching to call Oliver stupid when she heard that. She couldn’t understand why he thought he could shake up the prominent Sawyer Group with just a few rumors.

At this exact moment, she had doubts about whether she had gotten the wrong teammate on board.

Even so, she bit back the disdain bubbling in her and comforted him, “It’s okay. Netizens are a forgetful bunch. As long as you stabilize the company and clarify the claims on the Internet, things will pass quickly.”

“Great minds think alike, huh? We’ve got chemistry,” Oliver chuckled as he flirted with Wanda.

Wanda, on the other hand, was thoroughly disgusted upon hearing that, but she didn’t let her true feelings show. She toughened herself up and continued cajoling him before she finally hung up the phone.

After the call ended, she went to put a mask pack on her face. This incident didn’t bother her much after all.

As for Oliver, he was barely holding in his anger. The thought of Nicholas being on his high horse last night especially irked him.

Just who does he think he’s looking down on?! He fumed before calling his assistant into his office.

“Go and find out whether there have been any hidden scandals or unclean competition in Sawyer Group in the past few years.”

He refused to believe that the Sawyer Group didn’t have any scandals after growing to its current size.

In the next two days, the news about the Sawyer Group was still buzzing on the Internet.

After all, the victims of the incident were innocent in all this.

The people of the Internet were filled with righteous indignation as they insisted on seeking justice on behalf of the victims.

Other businesses only quietly watched everything unfold from the sidelines.

The main reason they stayed uninvolved was that they had already found out that the Sawyer Group was the perpetrator.

None of them dared to challenge the company’s authority. However, these people still felt a sense of crisis, and gradually, some people began to believe the rumors about the Sawyer Group ‘swallowing’ other companies.

Early this morning, Edward reported for work as usual.

In the end, he looked at Nicholas hesitantly. “President Sawyer, there have been rumors about our company swallowing up other companies in the past two days. People believe those rumors after what happened with Hadfield Group, and many small companies have started to huddle together.”

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