Always Been Yours Chapter 1196

Chapter 1196 Criticisms

Soon, the Hadfield Group made a public announcement on the Internet, stating that the company had immediately offered some compensation to the worker after the accident, but for some reason, the victim failed to receive the money. They also stressed that the Hadfield Group was a company with a conscience, so there was no way they would do anything immoral. Something must have gone wrong during the process.

After reading the Hadfield Group’s clarification, some netizens believed them. ‘The Hadfield Group has been around for a long time, and they’re worth over a billion on the stock market. I don’t think they were so stingy as to not offer some compensation.’

‘I believe they must have made it up to the worker. As for why the money didn’t reach him, even though it’s not stated in the clarification, we all know that there are corrupt people in every organization.’

‘So, has the Hadfield Group been wrongly accused? Could the culprit be someone else?’ The tide changed over the Internet as the netizens discussed who had swallowed the money.

Just then, a turn of events took place. A media company found the worker’s colleagues to give some testaments. In the interview, the reporter asked, “Many netizens are curious about the accident in the past. Did the Hadfield Group offer compensation?”

“They never gave him any money. Besides that, they were arrogant.” The colleagues reprimanded the company agitatedly, and all of them were equally vexed.

One of them even revealed what they had gone through back then. “When we learned that the Hadfield Group wouldn’t offer any compensation, we headed to the headquarters and demanded an explanation. We had been there for three months, but the security guards always chased us away.”

At this point, the netizens who originally believed the Hadfield Group were infuriated. They felt that they had been fooled by the company.

‘Those from the Hadfield Group are shameless. They never provided any compensation, but they still have the nerve to lie to us. They’ve even tried to shove the responsibilities onto a non-existent person.’

‘I’ve never seen such disgusting people. Where’s their conscience?’

‘Such a company that doesn’t care about people’s lives shouldn’t exist. We should boycott the company.”

‘It has come to a point where the authorities should look into this matter. I believe it’s a criminal case.’

‘I believe what the workers said. If the Hadfield Group had compensated the victim, he wouldn’t be living such a miserable life.’

Because of the workers’ accusations, the Hadfield Group’s public image took a plunge again. Everyone started criticizing the company.

Several netizens even started posting pictures of the Hadfield Group’s president online.

‘My gosh! This guy named Oliver has purchased dozens of luxury cars in just three years. It sure is a profitable company, isn’t it?’

‘He has also bought several manors, and he’s willing to spend millions on women. Why can’t he even offer some compensation to a worker?’

‘What a douchebag. He’s disgusting!’

The netizens abhorred Oliver and the Hadfield Group. As such, the Hadfield Group’s share price took a deep dive, and the company was almost delisted from the stock market.

Upon learning the news, the assistant hurriedly reported it to Oliver. The board of directors mounted pressure on Oliver, demanding that he settle the issue immediately.

To stop the company from going downhill, Oliver was overwhelmed with worries. At the same time, he realized someone must have targeted the Hadfield Group behind the scenes—that was why an incident that happened several years ago was suddenly exposed.

“Look into the matter now! I want to know who’s behind all this!” Oliver gritted his teeth and shouted the order at his assistant.

Knowing the severity of the matter, the assistant hurriedly launched an investigation.

The criticisms against the Hadfield Group over the Internet never stopped. Instead, they intensified.

In the evening, another piece of shocking news appeared on the Internet. A media company revealed that there was a potential political marriage between the Hadfields and the Mullers.

When the netizens saw the news, they instantly recognized that the Muller Group had fallen out with the Sawyer Group a while back.

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