Always Been Yours Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195 Scandal

‘The Hadfield Group has been lying to its customers. The Golden Estate is said to have wonderful future prospects, but it’s just a gimmick, and it’s a place where a person’s future was destroyed!’ ‘No one can buy these houses and live in such a place with peace of mind!’

When the netizens saw such titles, they grew curious and clicked on them. The news articles revealed that the Golden Estate developed by the Hadfield Group was a substandard project.

During its construction, a worker fell and became paralyzed because of faulty equipment. However, the Hadfield Group never admitted it was their fault, nor did they bother to offer some form of compensation.

Not only that, they even accused the worker of improper behavior and of evading his responsibilities during the construction. Now, the worker’s family fell apart due to the exorbitant medical costs, and he had fallen into poverty.

‘The Hadfield Group has committed a serious crime.’

‘Can we even live in the houses that were built with faulty equipment without having to worry?’

‘Thank goodness I haven’t made up my mind to buy it yet. Otherwise, I’d have to constantly worry about the house collapsing.’

The netizens were enraged, and all of them were glad that they hadn’t decided to buy those houses.

At this point, the other media companies realized that something fishy was going on, so they started looking into the incident. Soon, more news reports about the accident appeared on the Internet. There was even a video.

One of the media companies found the injured worker and interviewed him. In the video, the worker was seen living in a dilapidated house, and he didn’t have any proper furniture.

As for the worker himself, he was paralyzed on the bed with only a moldy quilt covering his body. He looked truly miserable.

When the reporter realized the worker was the only one there, he asked, “Do you live here alone? How do you get by?”

“I have a kid who takes care of me,” the worker replied weakly.

The reporter then asked, “Where’s your wife?”

“She left me after the accident.” As he spoke, tears seemed to be welling up in his eyes.

Just then, a young boy that looked like he was in his teens dragged a large bag into the house, his back toward the reporter and the photographer.

He didn’t realize there were other people in the room as he said joyfully, “Dad, I picked up quite a lot of scrapped metals from the construction site today. They should be worth some money. I’ll be able to buy your medicine.”

The netizens started crying at the young boy’s appearance. The young boy was frail, and his shabby clothes no longer fitted him.

Given his age, he shouldn’t be burdened with the responsibility of having to put food on the table. Instead, he should have been studying at school just like other kids. However, he was forced to become mature because of the unconscientious people from the Hadfield Group.

Therefore, the angry netizens started reprimanding the company. Once again, the Hadfield Group was in the limelight for the wrong reasons.

‘You’re a bunch of evil people. Although you’re wealthy, you do not have any conscience.’

‘A person’s future was destroyed because of you. Aren’t you worried about getting retribution?’

‘We demand justice for the father and son.’

Those from the Hadfield Group noticed the news articles, and they were flustered.

Oliver’s assistant immediately rushed into the President’s office and reported, “Something terrible has happened, President Hadfield. The accident at the construction site has been exposed, and all the netizens are threatening to boycott our project!”

Hearing that, Oliver promptly took a look at the latest news online and saw that his company was indeed in hot water. Instantly, his expression darkened.

Before he could question what was going on, a manager bolted into the office. “President Hadfield, many homebuyers have gathered in front of the estate and are demanding a refund.”

Oliver’s expression turned gloomy when he heard that. In a grim voice, he demanded, “We won’t offer a refund. Try to appease those homebuyers.”

The manager was put in a tight spot.

However, Oliver wouldn’t give him a chance to speak. He then said to his assistant, “Go to the Public Relations Department now and tell them to make a public announcement in the company’s name.”

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