Always Been Yours Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194 Accident

“I’ll show you on a laptop.” Seeing that Nicholas was interested, Timothy fished out his laptop and showed him the program.

As his hands flew over the keyboard, he explained, “I let the programmers in your company give it a test earlier, and the outcome was amazing. If someone attacks the intranet in the future, the system will issue a warning and automatically produce some viruses to counterattack.”

As he spoke, a red warning sign appeared on the screen. He had tried attacking the Sawyer Group’s intranet, and the system counterattacked with a virus. However, the virus didn’t bother him one bit.

He just had to tap some buttons on the keyboard to resolve the virus. After all, he was the one who had developed the virus for the system. Seeing that, Nicholas nodded with satisfaction and praised him, saying, “You’ve done a great job. That’s a really good design.”

If not for the fact that Timothy was gifted when it came to information technology, Nicholas wouldn’t have lent him some monetary support back then. Fortunately, Timothy did not disappoint him.

Then, they sat down on a couch and had a chat. Nicholas recalled that Timothy was about to head overseas to further his studies, so he asked caringly, “How’s the application coming along? Have you prepared enough? Do you need my help?”

“Thanks for the kind offer, but I’m in the midst of doing all that. Everything is going well.” Timothy turned him down politely.

Hearing that, Nicholas nodded. At noon, they went to a restaurant and had their lunch. After that, Timothy returned to his company. On the other hand, Nicholas stepped into his office and continued working.

Later that day, Edward entered the room with a dark expression. “I’ve just received some news, President Sawyer. There have been some rumors surrounding our company in the business world recently.”

“What kind of rumors?” Nicholas looked up from the documents. Edward promptly reported, “Apparently, we’ve acquired a lot of businesses in secret, and our company is being accused of being ruthless. From what I’ve gathered, many businesses have decided to join forces to prevent us from harming them.”

Hearing that, Nicholas instantly recalled what Oliver had told him during the business gala that evening. He squinted and asked coldly, “Are those from the Hadfield Group the ones spreading such rumors?”

“How did you know, President Sawyer?” Edward was surprised. Nicholas snorted with displeasure. “When I attended the gala last night, Oliver told me something that sounded suspicious. Now that you’ve heard about such rumors, it’s not hard to figure out who’s behind it.”

“What should we do now, then?” Edward looked at him, waiting to receive a command.

After putting down the document in his hand, Nicholas leaned against his chair and sneered. “Since Oliver has decided to invite trouble to himself, I’m worried he’ll be disappointed if we don’t make a move.”

Then, he tapped on the table rhythmically and fell into his thoughts. Seeing that, Edward waited patiently, not daring to disturb him.

A moment later, a glint flashed across Nicholas’ eyes as he parted his lips. “Isn’t the Golden Estate developed by the Hadfield Group on sale recently?” he asked.

“Yes, they’ve been promoting this project aggressively, and there are many potential buyers.” Edward nodded, but he didn’t understand why Nicholas was bringing it up right now.

Noticing his doubt, Nicholas said impassively, “If I’m not mistaken, there was an accident during its construction back then.”

“An accident?” Edward looked at him with surprise, then tried to recollect the matter as he frowned. Soon, he lifted his head and replied, “You’re right. There was indeed an accident during construction at that time, and the Hadfield Group suppressed all the news about it.”

The next instant, he realized Nicholas’ intention. “I know what I have to do, President Sawyer.” Seeing that Edward had figured out his plan, Nicholas nodded in satisfaction. “Make sure to leave no traces behind.”

“Got it,” Edward replied and turned around to leave. That same afternoon, a piece of news that went viral online cast a limelight on the Golden Estate developed by the Hadfield Group.

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