Always Been Yours Chapter 1193

Chapter 1193 Capable of Handling His Own Problems

Hearing that, Nicholas felt his heart throbbing in his chest. “I’m lucky to have you as my wife.” He lowered his head and looked lovingly at Tessa. The gentleness behind his gaze was intoxicating.

Tessa blushed and put on a coy smile. “I’m lucky to have you as my husband as well. Getting to know you is the luckiest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Under the lamplight, they gazed at each other affectionately. They were so deeply in love that even the air tasted sweet. No longer able to contain his urge, Nicholas locked his lips with her. Tessa closed her eyes and responded to him.

While they were deep in the moment, someone disturbed them. Tessa suddenly grunted as her facial features contorted, for she seemed to be in pain.

Noticing her discomfort, Nicholas released her and asked worriedly, “What’s wrong? Are you suffering from a cramp in your leg again?”

Tessa had been pregnant for several months, and she was always exhausted after practice during the day, so she had been suffering from cramps in her leg recently.

However, she shook her head and stroked her belly gently. “No, it’s the little one kicking me. It’s still moving. Feel it.” As she spoke, she took the man’s hand and placed it on her belly.

As though detecting the father’s presence, the little one started kicking with more vigor. Feeling that, Tessa smiled dotingly.

A smile played on Nicholas’ lips, but he soon pretended to be stern and said to the little one, “Stop kicking your mom. Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson after you’re born.”

“What kind of father are you? You already want to teach the little one a lesson when it’s not even born yet.” Tessa was torn between tears and laughter. In her heart, she felt she was the happiest woman in the world. She gave the man a gentle push and urged, “Take a bath now.”

Nicholas nodded and entered the bathroom. When he was done taking a bath, he got into bed and hugged Tessa before falling asleep.

After they were done having breakfast the next morning, Tessa headed to the training place while Nicholas went to work.

At a later time, Edward entered the room and reported, “President Reinhart is here, but he’s heading to the technical department to run a check on the intranet. He told me that he’d look for you a while later.”

“Got it. Tell those from the technical department to cooperate with him,” answered Nicholas with a nod.

Upon receiving the order, Edward turned around and left.

When Timothy was done with work later, he arrived at the President’s office to meet up with Nicholas. Besides running an examination on the intranet, he was also here to thank the man. After he was seated, he looked gratefully at Nicholas. “Thanks, Nicholas. If not for you, we couldn’t have resolved the Reinhart Group’s crisis.”

“That was the least I could do.” Nicholas smiled nonchalantly.

Timothy dipped his head, but he felt dejected and embarrassed in his heart. “I’d always thought that I was strong enough to protect myself, but in the end, I needed your help to get me out of trouble.” He sighed.

Nicholas knew that this man’s confidence had been shattered, so he consoled him by saying, “Don’t underestimate yourself. The reason I even helped you was that I was worried your sister would be distressed. After you left the company the other day, your sister was concerned about you.”

Hearing that, Timothy was moved. He glanced at Nicholas and remarked with a smile, “You treat my sister truly well.”

“That’s for sure. I just want her to be happy and do whatever she loves.” Nicholas subconsciously expressed his love for the woman.

Timothy smiled helplessly, then spoke in a serious tone. “Anyway, if such a thing happens again, I hope you’ll let me handle it myself. I’m capable of solving my own problems.”

Gazing at the young man who acted tough, Nicholas smiled. “Alright, I’ll let you handle your own problems. However, you must not make your sister worried.”

“Got it.” Timothy nodded.

Then, Nicholas asked, “I was told that you were running a check on the intranet. How was it?”

“I upgraded the system and strengthened its defense. You should see fewer attacks on the system from now on. I’ve also added a new design.” Timothy walked him through what he had done.

Nicholas’ interest was piqued when he heard that. “What kind of design is that?”

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