Always Been Yours Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192 Loving Couple

When Wanda came to her senses, she let go of Oliver abruptly. Her gaze appeared grim as she was incensed. Oliver sported an equally dark expression. “What an arrogant man. Does he really think he can do whatever he wants?”

As he spoke, he turned to look at Wanda, hoping to get her response. To his disappointment, he saw her looking dazedly at Nicholas. She really needs to stop.

Abruptly, she walked over and blocked her sight. “Stop looking. There’s no place for you in that man’s heart. Regardless of how long you look at him, he won’t turn around and spare you a glance. Only I’m sincere about loving you and treating you well.”

When Wanda saw the man with a loving expression coming toward her, she felt disgusted. She didn’t love him at all. If not for the fact that she needed his help, she would’ve dismissed him long ago. It was also for this reason that she suppressed her disgust and said, “I know you’re the only one who treats me well.”

Hearing that, Oliver felt relieved. He took her hand and flashed a gentle smile at her. “Let’s go. I’ll introduce you to some senior businessmen. If they’re willing to invest in the Muller Group, the crisis your company is facing will be resolved.”

“Thanks, Oliver.” Wanda smiled insincerely and left with him.

On the other hand, after Nicholas went away, he talked with his clients. Some people took the initiative to approach him and discuss future prospects with him. Certainly, they were doing that to find out about the Sawyer Group’s plans and whether Nicholas was as aggressive as Oliver had described him to be.

Nicholas sensitively realized that, so he told them about the Sawyer Group’s general plan for the next six months. “The market in the country is saturated for the Sawyer Group, so we’ll emphasize foreign expansion.”

All of them were relieved as they became even more hospitable to Nicholas. Regardless, they wouldn’t want to leave a bad impression in front of Nicholas.

At a later time, Nicholas decided to leave before the gala ended, worried that Tessa would be waiting for him at home. In fact, that was indeed the case. When he entered the living room and saw his wife waiting for him on the couch, his heart melted. “Didn’t I tell you to get some rest early? Why are you still here?” He walked over with a loving smile.

When Tessa saw him, she put down her book and rose from the couch with a bright smile. “You’re finally back. How are you feeling? Do you need something to sober you up? There’s some food in the kitchen. Why don’t I get it for you?”

As she spoke, she stood in front of Nicholas. The reason she hadn’t gone to bed was that she was worried the intoxicated man would come home and find there was no one to take care of him.

Seeing that his wife was so concerned about him, Nicholas felt warmth in his heart. A sense of sweetness rose within him as though he was having some candy floss. “There’s no need for that. I’m not drunk.” He stopped Tessa from entering the kitchen.

When Tessa saw that the man didn’t seem inebriated, she became at ease. Then, they went upstairs hand in hand. Upon entering the bedroom, Tessa let go of him and said with a smile, “Take off your clothes. I’ll prepare a tub of warm water for you.”

Before she could do that, Nicholas stopped her by taking her hand. Then, he brought her to the bed and settled her down. “Just get some rest. I can do that myself.”

Tessa put on a brighter smile when she realized that the man wouldn’t want her to exert herself. “But I think that taking care of you is part of my life, and I love doing that.”

She looked up at him with a beam. With a pair of dark and clear eyes, she looked attentively at him, her expression loving.

As their eyes met, Nicholas realized that his wife loved him with all her heart. He was moved by that realization. “How lucky am I to have you?” With a smile, he pulled her into his embrace.

Tessa draped her arms around the man and rubbed her face against the man’s chest. Feeling loved, she said, “I should be the one saying that.”

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