Always Been Yours Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191 Warning

It was apparent to Nicholas that Oliver wanted to make a scene. Others paid close attention to them as they wanted to find out what was going on. “Tell me about it.” Nicholas parted his lips and glared coldly at him.

Pretending to be cool with it, Oliver said, “I hear that the businesses of some companies have taken a hit recently, as there are some problems with their projects. It’s said that it’s the Sawyer Group that did it. Why don’t you tell me how they’ve offended the Sawyer Group, President Sawyer?”

“There certainly is a reason we’ve made a move. If you’re curious, why don’t you ask them about it and find out for yourself?” As Nicholas spoke, he took a sip of the wine and tried to figure out the man’s intention in saying such a thing.

On the other hand, Oliver didn’t seem perturbed by the answer, for that was not what he was trying to achieve.

He nodded and said with a smile, “You have a point, President Sawyer. I’ll definitely ask them about it. At any rate, I admire the fact that you’re capable of managing the Sawyer Group so well. You’ve dealt with several companies at the same time, but you don’t seem burdened by any consequences.”

Although he seemed to be buttering Nicholas up, he was trying to tell the others that the Sawyer Group was terrifyingly powerful. Before the other man could say anything, he pretended to be joking, saying, “If my company accidentally offends you one day, I hope you’ll forgive us.”

The expressions of the guests around them changed when they heard that. They were all intelligent people, so they understood the insinuation in Oliver’s words.

Moreover, they had never heard of any rumors about those companies offending the Sawyer Group. Could it be that those from the Sawyer Group had grown more aggressive, as they wanted to suppress the smaller companies and expand their businesses?

“Are the Sawyers trying to reshuffle the business circle in Southend?”

“That’s possible. The Sawyer Group is the most powerful company now, and President Sawyer is an ambitious young man.”

“Just now, that guy from the Hadfield Family said the Sawyer Group has dealt with several companies without suffering any consequences. How powerful are they now? Wouldn’t it be easy for them to deal with us as well?”

The guests discussed in small voices as they were worried Nicholas would hear them.

Despite that, Nicholas still sensitively detected their awkward stares. He swept a glance over them as his gaze eventually fell on Oliver. At this point, he finally realized this man’s intention.

This man is trying to incite the business owners to go against the Sawyer Group. That’s very naive of him. A smile appeared on Nicholas’ face as he sneered, “You’re right. Your company has indeed crossed the line, so you’d better be careful.”

Hearing that, Oliver was startled. He never expected this man to be so reckless, so his expression changed. The others soon realized that they were on bad terms.

Wanda arrived at the venue when the atmosphere was at its most awkward. Standing in the doorway, she instantly saw the elegant and well-built man among the crowd. Her gaze was filled with both love and hatred.

The next moment, she realized that Oliver was standing beside Nicholas. Thinking of something, she lifted the hem of her dress and walked over elegantly.

“I’m sorry for making you wait, Oliver. The traffic was bad.” As she spoke, she wrapped her arm around Oliver’s and nodded at Nicholas. “President Sawyer.”

She wanted to know how Nicholas would react when he saw her getting intimate with another man. However, she was soon disappointed.

Nicholas remained expressionless and didn’t even bother to spare her a glance. He announced coldly, “Since you’re here as well, I’ll tell both of you something at the same time.”

Staring at the dispassionate man in front of her, an unresigned Wanda gritted her teeth. Despite that, she kept a polite smile on her face. “What do you want to tell us, President Sawyer?”

“I hope that both of you will behave yourselves. If you dare to do anything behind my back again, be prepared to bear the consequences. See this as a warning.” Upon finishing his words, Nicholas gave them a dismissive and stern look. Then, he turned around and left.

On the other hand, Wanda was rooted to the spot, her face pale.

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