Always Been Yours Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190 Business Gala

The other companies were faced with the same crisis. Without exception, the presidents of those companies were shocked. It was apparent to them that the Sawyer Group had found out about their misconduct. The same afternoon, these bosses contacted Oliver to arrange a meet-up with him.

Since Oliver had to meet many people, he gathered them together by asking them to see him at a club. The moment he entered the private room, he swept a glance over them and smirked. “What’s wrong? Why are you all so eager to see me?”

“I listened to you and made things difficult for the Reinhart Group, Mr. Hadfield. Now, the Sawyer Group has found out about it and targeted us. Some of the projects I’d been handling were intercepted.” The boss of Lentinus Tech was impatient as he directly revealed his intention for wanting to see Oliver.

When the others heard that, they exchanged glances and started talking among themselves. “You’ve been targeted by the Sawyer Group?” “Yes. You too?” “Yes, it’s for that reason that I’m here to see Mr. Hadfield.”

After a discussion, they realized they shared the same problem, so they turned to look at Oliver again. “Since all of us have been suppressed by the Sawyer Group, you have to help us out.”

“He’s right. My company will be in trouble if this issue isn’t settled.” “You’re the one who came up with this idea, so you can’t dismiss us now, Mr. Hadfield.”

At their words, Oliver finally figured out what was going on, and his expression turned solemn. He had never expected the Sawyer Group to react so soon. What surprised him was that the Sawyer Group was powerful enough to deal with so many companies on their own.

Seeing that Oliver remained silent, the others started urging him again. “Say something, Mr. Hadfield. What should we do now?”

Oliver swept a glance over them. After giving it some thought, he replied, “I’ll make up for the losses you’ve suffered, but I’ll need you to do something for me.”

Since the Sawyer Group had oppressed the other companies, he naturally had to make use of this scandal and tarnish their reputation. It so happened that there would be a business gala in two days.

Two days later, a lot of prominent business owners gathered in the luxurious hall of the Wharton Hotel. They clinked glasses and chatted among themselves.

Oliver appeared at the venue in a silvery gray suit. With a glass of wine in his hand, he talked to the seniors and greeted his friends. However, he couldn’t concentrate on the small talk as he kept glancing at the hall’s entrance. He had heard that Nicholas was going to attend this business gala.

That was indeed the case. A while later, the dapper-looking Nicholas arrived at the venue. The instant he appeared, his kingly demeanor attracted the attention of everyone at the scene.

When they came to their senses, many of them approached Nicholas and greeted him. With an impassive expression, Nicholas talked to them politely.

A conflicted expression appeared on Oliver’s face as he watched the noble-looking Nicholas talking to others. When he thought of the fact that his crush had feelings for this man, he felt displeased. As he recalled what he was about to do later, a wicked smirk played on his lips.

“We haven’t met for ages, President Sawyer.” He approached Nicholas with a glass of wine and proposed a toast to him.

Nicholas took a look at his wine glass but never intended to have a drink. Instead, he questioned dismissively, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to greet you when I saw you.” Although Oliver was annoyed at Nicholas’ impoliteness, he never let his emotion show on his face as he kept a smile. Ignoring Nicholas’ impatience, he went on to say, “By the way, I’ve heard some news that has something to do with the Sawyer Group.”

Hearing that, Nicholas squinted and put on a sneer.

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