Always Been Yours Chapter 1189

Chapter 1189 The Evidence

As Kieran spoke, he listed the companies that were collaborating with the Reinhart Group. After receiving the order, the assistant hung up the call and investigated the matter.

The next morning, not long after Kieran arrived at the company, his assistant knocked on the door and entered the office. “I’ve found some clues, Vice President Sawyer,” he reported respectfully in the center of the office.

Kieran languidly leaned against his chair and looked at him. “Tell me what you’ve found.” “Just like what you’ve expected, Oliver has been in contact with the Reinhart Group’s customers recently. I believe he’s the one who pulled a trick and made the Reinhart Group lose the projects.”

Following a pause, the assistant broke into laughter. “That woman named Wanda is pretty interesting. After she fell out of love and became resentful, she incited others to oppress the Reinhart Group because she couldn’t harm the Sawyer Group. Isn’t that funny?”

Hearing that, Kieran glowered at him. “Are you on her side or something? She has oppressed our people, and you still find her interesting.”

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.” Realizing he had said something wrong, the assistant hurriedly apologized.

Kieran dismissed him with a wave of his hand. “Forget it. Get back to work. I’m going to tell my brother about it.”

Following that, he rose from the chair and headed to the President’s office. The instant he entered the office, he languidly sat down on Nicholas’ table and announced, “It only took me one night to find the evidence that Wanda was the mastermind, Nicholas.”

“Where’s the evidence?” Nicholas extended his hand.

Kieran promptly fished out his phone and showed him the photos he had taken the day before.

“This guy is Oliver from the Hadfield Family. They’ve been on good terms with the Mullers, and rumor has it that there’ll be a political marriage between them,” he explained while pointing at Oliver in the photos.

As Nicholas glanced at those photos, he squinted his eyes and questioned coldly, “And then?”

“Hadfield over here seems to be into Wanda, so I speculated that she asked him to contact Timothy’s customers and make things difficult for him.”

Then, Kieran also told Nicholas what his assistant had found. After that, he clicked his tongue and teased his brother. “It seems that Wanda is deeply in love with you. She’s even willing to sacrifice herself in such a way.”

Much to his surprise, the moment he finished speaking, he received a glare from Nicholas. “My boxing skills are kind of rusty. Why don’t you stay here tonight and spar with me?”

“I’m sorry, Nicholas. Please don’t take what I said seriously.” Kieran’s expression changed as he begged for mercy. If he had stayed in this place and spared with his brother, he might not even live to see the sun the next morning.

Seeing that his brother was pleading, Nicholas snorted and got back to the main topic. As he recalled what Kieran had told him, his gaze darkened. “Since those people don’t seem interested in keeping their companies running, I’ll grant their wish.”

“It’s a great idea that you’re letting them have a taste of their own medicine.” Kieran nodded in agreement.

Nicholas glanced at him and decided to let him handle the job. “Since you found out the truth, I’ll let you settle this issue. You must not disappoint me. Also, if those people distract Tessa from her training in the slightest bit, their companies will no longer need to exist either.”

“Got it.” Kieran dipped his head and left.

In the following days, the businesses of those companies took a hit. They were faced with problems that made them suffer immense losses. Only then did the people from those companies realize something was off.

The boss of Lentinus Tech was especially affected. The losses he had suffered were the most severe, and he was also the most anxious person among the affected ones. For that reason, he told his assistant to get to the truth as quickly as possible, regardless of the cost.

The next morning, the assistant entered the office and reported to him what he had found. “I found it, Boss. It’s the Sawyer Group that has made a move in secret.”

“The Sawyer Group?!” The moment the boss of Lentinus Tech heard the answer, he was flabbergasted.

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