Always Been Yours Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160 Just a Fantasy

‘It’s common knowledge that such funds are never transparent. They say that there’ll be an annual investment of 100 million, but no one knows how much will be given out in the end.’ ‘Yeah! So many similar issues have been exposed over the years.’

The fans were exasperated when they saw this. Fortunately, not long after, some netizens dug up all the good things the Sawyer Group had done over the years.

“You guys, open your eyes and see for yourselves. The Sawyer Group is different from those other terrible companies. As long as they make a promise, they will implement it.”

When this post came out, more and more netizens supported the Sawyer Group. After all, every year, the Sawyer Group spent hundreds of millions just for public welfare. And no matter what kind of disaster happened, the Sawyer Group would immediately allocate funds to help the victims.

‘Oh my god, I didn’t even know that the Sawyer Group has done so many good things over the years.’

‘Some people have to eat their words now. They previously said that the Sawyer Group is just telling lies. Hmph, the Sawyer Group just doesn’t bother to show off their generosity. Look at the news above! Even top government leaders praise Sawyer Group for being a conscientious company.”

Then, the netizens tagged the keyboard warriors one by one who had previously slandered the Sawyer Group. After reading this post, many people realized that it was no wonder that the Sawyer Group had been able to stand firm in Southend for so many years. It turned out that they had done so many good things without anyone’s knowledge.

That night, Stefania and Tobias came to Dynasty Gardens. They came to see Gregory, and they also came to celebrate Tessa’s successful performance. During the dinner, the family talked and laughed, and the topic unknowingly came to what people were talking about on the Internet.

“Now the Internet is full of praises for the Sawyer Group. This time, you’ve helped gain a good reputation for the Sawyer Group, Tessa, ” Stefania praised Tessa sincerely.

Tobias, who was next to them also nodded in approval. “Because of this incident, the company’s shares have increased in value. You have done a good job.”

Hearing the compliments from the two elders, Tessa felt a little flattered. However, she felt that the reason why the matter developed so well was due to Nicholas. So, she didn’t dare to take all the credit and quickly shook her head to explain, “Actually, I didn’t do anything. It was all Nicholas’ decisions that caused the positive results.”

“But if it weren’t because of you wanting to do it, I wouldn’t have made such a decision, so this is all because of you. You don’t have to be so humble.” Nicholas held Tessa’s hand and looked at her affectionately.

As their eyes met, Tessa felt that she was about to sink into his tender gaze. She pursed her lips and smiled, but she didn’t refute him. No matter whose credit it was, as long as she could do some good things for the Sawyer Family and Nicholas, she would be happy.

Stefania and Tobias also felt a lot of emotions when they saw the way the two looked at each other. In the past, Nicholas was not so considerate of others, and it was only since he met Tessa that he became like this.

In the next two days, Tessa’s name still occupied the social media trending list, and her fans had almost exceeded 10 million.

Just as Tessa’s fame was rising, Leah, on the other hand, was having a hard time. Someone had leaked the news that she was canceled that night. As the incident involved Tessa, it quickly made the headlines.

‘Oh my god, Leah is too arrogant! She even asked someone to drive Tessa out.’

‘Although the entertainment industry places importance on hierarchy, Tessa’s achievements are not much lesser than yours, right? How could you have the cheek to ask her to make room for you? What’s more, this position is already arranged by the TV station in advance.’

‘Besides, if we’re talking about experience, even ten Leahs can’t compare to one Tessa, who is already an internationally-acclaimed musician.’

Right now, Leah was badly criticized by netizens. Many of her fans even became haters.

‘For a long time, I thought that even though the idol I was a fan of hasn’t made it big yet, she was always working hard to make progress. Now, it seems that my thought was just a fantasy.’

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