Always Been Yours Chapter 1159

Chapter 1159 This Is Public Knowledge

After the show ended that night, Gregory followed Kieran home. Now that she was done with her performance, Tessa removed her makeup. She also allowed Alice to get off work. Then, she followed Nicholas back by car.

On the way back, Tessa thought of what the host announced on the stage before and hugged Nicholas happily. “Why don’t I know anything about the fact that you created an aid fund in my name?”

She knew that the reason why Nicholas did this was undoubtedly to create a positive image for her. Nicholas gazed back at Tessa and smiled slightly. “Since you want to do such a thing, then I want to do it for you too.”

Hearing this, Tessa felt like she had fallen into a pot of honey; even the air she breathed smelled sweet. “Why are you so nice to me?”

She couldn’t help rubbing Nicholas’ chest affectionately. Nicholas let out a deep laugh. He sounded very pleasant as he said, “Because it’s you, so it’s worth it.”

The smile on the corner of Tessa’s mouth became even more prominent when the man’s nice voice sounded in her ears again. “Furthermore, helping those children is what the Sawyer Group has been doing all these years.”

Nicholas hugged Tessa and talked about the company’s past arrangements in detail. “In fact, the Sawyer Family invests a lot of money in charity every year. This is public knowledge. Since you also have the heart to do this, I’ll have to help you too.”

After hearing Nicholas’ words, Tessa nodded, and the smile on her face widened more. It didn’t take long for this incident to make the news after the two of them reached home.

The next morning, just as Tessa woke up, she received a call from Alice.

“Tessa, your popularity has risen again. Your fans on social media have exceeded 5 million. According to this trend, it will only take two days for you to break through 10 million followers.” On the phone, Alice’s voice sounded a little excited.

Tessa was also very happy when she heard those words. Seeing her hang up the phone, Nicholas immediately leaned over and asked, “What good thing has happened to make you smile so happily?”

“Alice called me just now and said that last night’s performance was on the news and that I was also on the trending searches on social media. My fans have exceeded 5 million.” Tessa happily shared this news with Nicholas.

After that, she hugged Nicholas and said sweetly, “Half of the credit goes to you, so thank you.”

After she finished speaking, she couldn’t help kissing Nicholas. As the news on the Internet fermented overnight, more and more people fell in love with Tessa.

‘Tessa is such an inspiring and excellent person.’

‘It is impossible for ordinary people to take out such a large amount of money so easily.’

‘In any case, I am now a fan of Tessa.’

Of course, while some people praised her, others bad-mouthed her. Some keyboard warriors who hated the rich were also being sour grapes on the Internet.

‘She is the young mistress of the Sawyer Family, so she isn’t short of money, okay?’

‘There is nothing to praise her about. It’s merely spending money to buy a good reputation. This is what the rich usually do.’

‘Besides, she’s just announcing it. Who knows whether she’ll really give the money away later?’

‘Since she is so rich, why didn’t she use that money to treat her grandma’s illness before? I think Tessa is just like what the previous commentator said. She’s only trying to gain a good reputation.’

Seeing these spiteful comments, Tessa’s fans immediately spoke up.

‘I believe Tessa will definitely do what she says.’

‘So what if she isn’t short of money? Having a lot of money and being willing to help others are two different concepts.’

‘Tessa is such a righteous person, yet there are still people who insult her and say that she refused to treat her grandma. I don’t know what’s inside your heads.’

‘Besides, the president of the Sawyer Group has already said that an aid fund will be established under Tessa’s name with an annual investment of 100 million. Even if you don’t believe Tessa, surely you believe the president of the Sawyer Group.’

After someone brought up this matter, the image of the Sawyer Group improved too. However, there were still some critics who still attacked the matter on the Internet.

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