Always Been Yours Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158 I Just Want to Do What I Can

“Mr. Duquais, you’re too kind,” Tessa thanked him humbly. Drew shook his head and said with a smile, “I’m not. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the audience if the performance was good.”

After speaking, he pointed the microphone toward the audience. The audience immediately responded enthusiastically. “It was great!”

“It was awesome! Encore!” Among them, Gregory shouted so much his neck turned red.

Listening to the audience’s positive response, Drew joked, “It’s impossible to play another piece, but I can let Miss Reinhart stay on stage for a few more minutes.”

As he spoke, he looked at Tessa mischievously. Tessa knew that he was intentionally enhancing the atmosphere, so she cooperated and replied, “Then, you have my thanks, Mr. Duquais.”

“No need. You just need to answer a few questions honestly.”

As practiced during the rehearsals, Drew began to ask questions. “I heard that you’re now recognized as a true genius in foreign countries. I wonder what you think of that, Miss Reinhart?”

“I think this is just a form of encouragement that everyone is giving me. I still have a lot to learn. Only by continuing to learn can I be worthy of the title everyone gave me.” Tessa spoke very modestly, which made everyone feel content.

Drew praised her again. Then, he directed the topic to Tessa’s solo performance. “I heard that you’re preparing a solo performance recently. Where do you plan to hold it?”

“Well, I will hold a solo performance in the country soon, and I have decided that all the proceeds from the performance will be used for public welfare. I’d like for the proceeds to go to a relief fund for children with congenital diseases.”

In fact, she had just discussed this with him on the phone before she came to the stage. As soon as these words came out, there was thunderous applause again at the scene.

“As expected of my idol! She handles everything beautifully.”

Fans off the stage praised Tessa for being very generous. After all, the amount of the proceeds was not small. Drew vaguely heard some fans’ praises and looked at Tessa with admiration. “Miss Reinhart, you have a great appeal. I hereby thank you on behalf of those children.”

He bowed to Tessa, who quickly waved her hands. “Actually, I just want to do what I can.”

“I understand what you mean, Miss Reinhart. It just so happens that I also have good news about you. I’ll take advantage of this moment to announce it.”

As Drew spoke, he suddenly winked at Tessa before announcing loudly, “Actually, when you were performing just now, I received a notice from President Sawyer that the Sawyer Group will set up a brand-new foundation which will be named after you. The foundation will invest 100 million every year as an aid fund for children with congenital diseases.”

As soon as these words came out, loud applause broke out again at the scene. There were even quite a few female fans who were envious of Tessa. Drew looked at the lively scene and took the microphone to build momentum for Tessa again. “100 million a year is not a small sum. It’s clear how much President Sawyer loves Miss Reinhart.”

“President Sawyer is amazing!”

The fans in the audience shouted almost in unison.

Gregory also clapped vigorously and shouted, “Daddy is amazing!”

Among these people, Kieran was probably the only one who felt a little frustrated. He felt that his brother was simply too unrestrained now. It was fine to show off affection at home, but Nicholas was even showing off at the TV station now, causing Kieran to be frustrated as a single man.

Hearing cheers coming from all directions, Tessa blinked as she was surprised. However, after feeling surprised, she felt even more touched because she never thought that Nicholas would do this for her.

After the show, the other stars who were performing tonight were eclipsed in the end. The protagonist tonight was destined to be Tessa. Although some people were not happy about it, no one dared to make trouble after witnessing Leah’s incident. If someone became the protagonist based on their own skills, no matter how covetous others were, there was nothing they could do.

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