Always Been Yours Chapter 1157

Chapter 1157 Die-Hard Fans

Felicity spoke while gesturing to the fruits in her hands before turning to look at Tessa. “Speaking of which, you and I will perform back-to-back in a while, so we can go together later.”

Tessa looked at Felicity, who took the initiative to be friendly, and felt that this person was intelligent. When Tessa’s eyes fell on the fruits, the smile on the corner of her mouth became even more prominent. The fruits looked very expensive and were obviously not prepared by the TV station. It was more likely that Felicity specially asked someone to buy the fruits.

Besides, Felicity didn’t show up during the fiasco just now, but now, here she was, at the right time.

Although Tessa didn’t care for such an individual, for Kieran’s sake, she let Alice accept the fruits before stating, “Thank you, Miss Bones, for your kindness, but the performance is subject to change at any time. It’s too early to decide this now.”

She declined Felicity’s invitation because she didn’t want to deal with such a fake person. Felicity also noticed her intention and was a little disappointed, but she didn’t mind much. “You’re right. I didn’t think it through.”

Later, when she saw that Tessa didn’t intend to entertain her, she was sensible enough to take her leave. However, not long after she left, someone else knocked on the door again. Many people either brought food for Tessa, or toys for Gregory. Of course, some people even made a special trip over just to say hello to Kieran. Waves after waves of these people came, causing Tessa and the others to not be able to hold a proper conversation.

In the end, Nicholas was annoyed and ordered, “Alice, don’t let anyone in again.”

Alice nodded.

Afterward, there were still people who wanted to appear in front of Nicholas and Kieran, but they were blocked by Alice. Knowing that Nicholas and the others would no longer see guests, the people outside stopped coming.

Looking around the lounge that was finally quiet, Tessa also heaved a sigh of relief. Until now, she was still fearful when she thought of all the stars who came before. All of them had their motives as they tried to one-up the other.

She patted her chest and sighed. “These trickeries in the entertainment industry are too complicated. I’m already feeling physically and mentally exhausted from what happened just now. Sure enough, I am not suitable for the entertainment industry.”

Nicholas looked at her and laughed a little. “Even if you intend to advance in this field in the future, no one will dare to provoke you.”

At 8.30PM, the program officially began. Gregory and Kieran went to the audience section while Nicholas accompanied Tessa behind the scenes to prepare for the performance. As Tessa’s slot was in the middle, the two sat backstage and watched the other performers’ program first. 20 minutes later, it was finally Tessa’s turn to go on stage.

Nicholas sent Tessa to the stage, lowered his head, and kissed her forehead lightly, then said softly, “I’ll wait for you here. Good luck.”

Tessa smiled sweetly and nodded. Afterward, under the introduction of the emcee, she gracefully stepped onto the stage while lifting her skirt slightly. A big round of applause sounded from the audience the moment the white lights shone on her. In fact, there were quite a few fans of hers who came just to watch her.

“Oh my God. She’s even more beautiful in real life than in the photos! I want to be a die-hard fan just for her looks alone!”

“I really love her! She’s so beautiful and talented! Where else can you find such a woman?”

Hearing the cheers below the stage, Tessa pressed her finger against her lips, gesturing for everyone to keep quiet. The fans and the rest of the audience were very cooperative and fell silent.

At this moment, Tessa began to perform. Soon, the melodious sound of the violin came forth. It was light and joyful, like a group of little elves prancing about. The audience couldn’t help but allow themselves to be submerged in the enthralling music that came into the world.

Many people at the scene felt that there was a difference between those with true skill and those who tried to use music to gain popularity. This performance was simply on a different level than any other. At the end of the performance, Tessa put down her violin and bowed to the audience.

The audience burst into applause again. At this moment, Drew came over from backstage and greeted Tessa.

“Miss Reinhart, you play the violin so well that it feels like my ears are being baptized by music.”

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