Always Been Yours Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155 Your Performance Is Canceled

When Tessa saw the man approaching slowly, she immediately gave him a sweet smile. “You’re here.” Nicholas’ icy facial features softened instantly. He nodded slightly, took her into his arms, and asked with concern, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Tessa smiled and shook her head. Nicholas nodded, helped her adjust the loose hair around her ears, and then turned to reproach Evan. “The Sawyer Group supported your station because we think that the quality of your programs has always been very good and the people whom you have invited are also commendable. However, you really let me down this time!”

This was a very serious matter. The implication was that if Evan didn’t handle this well, it would affect the future investments from Sawyer Group.

Evan naturally understood and quickly apologized sincerely, “President Sawyer, please calm down. This matter is indeed a mistake caused by our TV station. I will deal with it now.”

Nicholas snorted softly but did not speak; he was obviously waiting for Evan to deal with things. Seeing this, Evan wiped off the cold sweat that didn’t exist on his forehead, turned around, and said to Leah sternly, “Your performance is canceled for the evening program. Take your assistants with you and leave immediately!”

Hearing this, Leah changed her expression drastically. This program was a resource that she worked so hard to get, and it was pertinent to her because this program had a high exposure rate. Not to mention, it would give her a chance to become famous. Now that the TV station wanted to disqualify her, she was unwilling to leave.

“Mr. Doncan, I know I was wrong. Please be benevolent and forgive me.”

She looked at Evan pleadingly, making up her mind not to lose this opportunity.

Evan was indifferent to her words and said coldly, “It’s useless for you to apologize to me for this matter. Even if you want to apologize, you’re apologizing to the wrong person.”

Leah understood what he said and glanced at Tessa who was standing beside her with a hint of hatred in her eyes. This b*tch has a high status but didn’t say anything about it just now. She must have deliberately wanted to harm me!

Even though Leah was angry in her heart, she could only suppress her anger at this moment and humbly walk toward Tessa. “Miss Reinhart, I was blind to see the truth and had offended you just now. I apologize and I implore you to ask Mr. Doncan to take back what he has just said.”

Although she was speaking to Tessa, Leah was looking at Nicholas pitifully. Moreover, Leah half-bent her legs in a calculating manner to expose her curvy figure in the best way in front of Nicholas. She felt that if Tessa, a woman who relied on her appearance, could win Nicholas’ favor, there was no reason why Nicholas would not be interested in her since she also had a good figure that was no worse than Tessa’s.

To her surprise, Nicholas didn’t even glance at her. Tessa, on the other hand, saw through Leah’s actions and was so furious she laughed. Sure enough, you are a shameless woman! You even want to seduce my husband in front of me.

Evan was even more frustrated about it. Why is this idiot still being all flirtatious at this moment? Who does she think President Sawyer is?

Seeing that Nicholas and Tessa’s faces were turning uglier, he hurriedly stepped forward and roughly pulled Leah aside before scolding, “Okay, now that you’ve apologized, get out!”

Watching Leah being chased out by the security guards, both the stars in the nearby lounges and the crowd watching the fun fell silent. They did not sympathize with Leah’s fate. Leah relied on her qualifications and tried to find someone to bully, but she failed hard. So, she deserved it.

However, when they thought of Tessa, they felt that her status was too enviable. She was the young mistress of the Sawyer Family, and this title itself was extremely influential. After all, considering the power of the Sawyer Family, it was not an exaggeration to say that they were the most important family in Southend.

As for Evan, when he saw that the annoying Leah had been dealt with and the matter had come to an end, he rubbed his hands and drew closer to Nicholas and Kieran.

“Master Nicholas, Master Kieran, it’s hard for me to entertain you well here. Why don’t you two come to my office?”

“No, the main purpose of my visit today is to see my wife,” Nicholas refused.

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