Always Been Yours Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153 Evan Doncan

While Leah expected a specific reaction from Tessa, she got something entirely different. Tessa replied, “I don’t know what the rules are, so I just obeyed what I have been told.”

Her patience was wearing thin, so she turned to command Alice, “She is too noisy. Send her out, Alice. I still have to get changed.”

“Got it.” Alice nodded and turned to the hair and makeup team. “Get these people out of here,” she ordered. Leah’s face immediately darkened when she heard that.

“How dare you kick me out!” Her bark was directed at Tessa. “Why wouldn’t I dare?” Tessa coldly shot back. “This room is mine, after all!”

Leah was beyond herself with anger when she saw how blunt Tessa was with her. “Let us see just whose dressing room this is!”

She then sat down on the couch. With her arms crossed before her chest, she started threatening the production staff employee. “You have two choices; kick this woman out, or I will not attend the filming.”

The staff employee was already angry at Leah for the trouble she was causing and for being late to rehearsal. Now that he was being blatantly threatened, that anger increased dramatically.

“My apologies, Miss Stone,” he nonchalantly replied. “I am unable to make that decision.” “Why are you still wasting your breath, then? Get your manager over here!” Leah screamed at him.

He smirked. “I will report this to my manager right away. Please do not regret this decision.”

He then left the room. Leah frowned when she heard that. The production team has sole responsibility for this mess. Why must I feel regret for my actions? At that thought, she decided to calmly wait for the manager.

Tessa was waiting as well. She wanted to see what the production team would do.

Soon, a middle-aged man in a suit entered the room. Leah recognized him as Evan Doncan, the studio’s general manager. He was someone with power and authority.

“Mr. Doncan, I did not expect you to come—” Leah stood up with a charming smile as she spoke.

To her surprise, he ignored her and walked over to Tessa. “My sincerest apologies, Miss Reinhart, for my employee’s inability to stop random people from disturbing you,” he said with a groveling expression.

When Tessa saw that, the stern expression on her face faded slightly since the studio was on her side. “It’s okay. Please resolve this soon, though. I have to prepare for filming.”

“Of course. I will get it sorted right away.”

He respectfully nodded to her before barking at the other production staff employees. “What are you doing? Hurry up and get Leah Stone out of here!”

Leah was shocked to hear that. She soon snapped out of her shock and spat out with a dark look on her face, “Mr. Doncan, aren’t you afraid I will refuse to film if you chase me out?”

Evan let out a bark of laughter in response.

As the studio’s general manager, most celebrities treated him with respect. Leah was merely an irrelevant celebrity, yet she had the guts to threaten him. Just where did that audacity come from?

“Sure.” He immediately shot back in a mocking tone. “If you refuse to film, you should pay the penalty for breaking our contract. You are free to do as you please.”

Leah’s eyes widened with disbelief. She did not expect the production team to treat her this badly just for a new girl. At that moment, she felt utterly humiliated. Her entire body was trembling as all rational thoughts fled her mind.

She shot Tessa a sinister glare that looked like she wanted to eat Tessa up. Then, she let out a string of curses. “You absolute whore! Tell me, whose bed did you climb into for the entire studio to be on your side? You sure are good at this!”

Tessa’s eyes darkened as Leah insulted her.

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