Always Been Yours Chapter 1152

Chapter 1152 Respect

The staff employee tried to drag Leah out of the room, but she dodged his hand. She exclaimed, “Don’t touch me! There is no way I will share a dressing room with anybody!” Rejection was painted all over her face.

Annoyed by her attitude, he gave up on helping her out of the hole she was digging for herself. Then, he berated, “Miss Stone, do you know whom you are talking to? She—”

“I don’t care who she is. Despite my experience, I am considered less than a newbie in the production’s eyes. I do not even have my own dressing room. Who do you think I am? Well, I am telling you that I like this room. Tell her to leave immediately!” She was so arrogant that she did not even wait for him to finish before making her demands known.

Alice was not happy to hear that. Tessa raised her eyebrows as well. Leah is here to actually kick me out! Then, she glanced at Leah in the mirror while remaining where she was. Alice will be able to resolve this problem. Seeing how calm Tessa was, her makeup artist continued to work.

Alice stepped forward with a smile that did not reach her eyes. “Miss Stone, I am Tessa’s assistant. This dressing room was assigned to us by the production team, which means it is ours now. Don’t you think you are being rude by barging in like this?”

Leah sensed that she was being patronized when Tessa refused to leave her seat and instead sent an assistant to speak with her.

“What? You are not even famous, yet you are throwing your weight around? Don’t you know you have to respect your seniors?” She ignored Alice and directly spoke to Tessa as contempt blazed in her eyes.

Alice’s face darkened when she saw Leah’s continued brazen behavior. “This has nothing to do with you. Please leave right away.”

“Why should I leave?”

Leah crossed her arms before her chest and smirked at Alice. “You should be the ones leaving.”

Hearing that, Alice decided to save her energy and direct her response to the staff employee instead. “The production assigned this room to Tessa,” she said with a cold huff. “Well? What is your response to this?”

“The room is Miss Reinhart’s, Miss Alice,” he replied. “I will get Miss Stone to leave right now.” The staff employee smiled apologetically when he saw how angry Alice was.

When he turned to Leah, he coldly barked, “Miss Stone, please leave. You have severely distracted them from their preparations.”

“Why should I leave? This dressing room should have been mine in the first place. What right do you have to give it to some nobody? They are the ones who have to leave!”

Leah shouted in anger. By then, his face was also twisted into an unpleasant look of fury.

As for Tessa, she merely narrowed her eyes as she guessed what was going on.

Leah was deliberately picking on the weak. After all, the other private dressing rooms were occupied by other famous celebrities. She would never dare to anger them. Still, her stubborn behavior was quite repulsive.

“Miss Stone, as my assistant said, the production team assigned this room to me. Please learn to respect others. Your crude behavior is a disgrace.” Tessa waved for her makeup artist to stop, then stood and turned around to glare at Leah.

Perhaps, she had subconsciously picked up some behaviors from Nicholas after spending so much time with him, but a solid and powerful aura was currently radiating from every pore in her body. Everyone looking at her felt a wave of oppressive energy bore down on them.

Even Leah was shocked. When she snapped back to her senses, she was embarrassed by her reaction. She had actually been frightened by a newbie. Moreover, she would be laughed out of the industry if anyone heard about it.

“What a joke,” she said, scoffing. “You are a newbie. How can you speak of respect to me? Do you even know the rules of the trade?” Leah shot Tessa a disdainful look and would make Tessa know how respect worked in the entertainment industry.

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