Always Been Yours Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151 Who Is Tessa Reinhart?

The staff employee had no intention of providing more information. This led Leah to believe that he had simply miscounted. Moreover, the person who had the last private room was undoubtedly less famous than her but had deceitfully taken her dressing room through a sneaky ruse.

However, Tessa was unaware of this fact. She sat in her chair in front of the dressing table while her team applied her makeup. Suddenly, her phone began to ring next to her, and she looked down to see a message from Nicholas.

‘I’m on my way. I’ll be there shortly.’ When Nicholas learned she would be filming today, he planned to accompany her. A warm grin broke out on her face as she read the message.

She sat there with her phone in her hand and typed away with her long, slender fingers. ‘Okay. I’ll be waiting for you.’

Unexpectedly, the door behind her slammed open with a loud bang as she sent the message.

When they turned around, they saw a woman who appeared to be wearing a lot of makeup standing in the doorway. It was Leah and her team; they were the ones who had been shouting outside. There were even staff employees from production standing behind her.

Tessa showed a frown of displeasure. In addition, dissatisfaction shone on Alice’s face as well.

As Alice approached the newcomers, she gestured for Tessa’s team to keep doing what they had been doing. “What’s going on?”

“Please accept our apologies. Miss Stone was adamant about barging in.” The production staff employee immediately apologized and stated the reason for the intrusion.

Alice’s face clouded over.

After the staff employee noticed that she had an icy expression on her face, he quickly turned back to Leah and said, “Well, Miss Stone, you have looked at the room now. Let us leave now. This is not a place you can just barge into.”

After all, the occupant of the dressing room was not someone he could afford to offend.

Still, Leah did not share his concern and condescendingly corrected, “Why can’t I? Who is Tessa Reinhart? I’d never heard of her before. Why does she have a private dressing room while I don’t?”

Her anger intensified when she saw how lavishly the room had been decorated. The dressing room was rightfully hers, but some random person had occupied it instead.

The staff employee gaped. He was shocked that Leah did not know who Tessa was. “Do you not read the news? Miss Reinhart has been going viral lately. Everyone has been talking about her on the news. Do you actually not know who Miss Reinhart is?”

He was not the only person who was surprised. Alice and Tessa were shocked to hear that as well.

While Tessa did not think she was someone everyone should know, a celebrity should always pay attention to what was going on. Since Leah Stone was a celebrity, it was logical to expect her to know who Tessa was.

Unbeknownst to them, Leah had been filming in an area with no signal, and she had just finished filming today. Hence, she was unaware of the factors contributing to Tessa’s popularity.

When Leah sensed the shocked gazes, she arrogantly raised her eyebrows. “What? Is she popular?”

When she looked at Tessa, jealousy flashed in her eyes. The woman Leah beheld was the embodiment of all her unattainable ideals; she was as fair as snow and delicate as a porcelain doll. For years, she had stayed up late for filming, and as a result, no matter how well she took care of her skin, it would never be as flawless as it could have been.

In that instant, Leah was set in the assumption that Tessa was a new actress who was only famous because of her good looks and gossip articles.

An instant huff of disdain escaped her lips. “I don’t care how famous you are; according to the standards of this industry, a newcomer like you ought to be stooping down and making way for me.”

When the staff member heard that, his head began to pound. In his opinion, Leah was incomparably arrogant. How dare she issue a threat without identifying herself with the person she speaks with!

“Miss Stone, please stop fooling around. Filming is about to start. Please head back to your room and get ready.”

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