Always Been Yours Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150 Leah Stone

Before his brief on-air conversation with Tessa, Drew had to iron out any potential kinks. “I have heard so much about you, Miss Reinhart. My name is Drew Duquais. I am the show’s host.”

“Hello, Drew.” Tessa smiled and greeted him pleasantly. The straightforward nature of her greeting made a favorable first impression on him. Hence, he did not beat around the bush. “I’ll start the conversation by asking you some questions before talking about your performance toward the end. Then, you can start promoting your show.”

She nodded in response. It was then time for them to discuss what questions would be asked. The other employees working on set were awestruck by how composed she remained while responding to his questions.

“As expected of someone who has previously performed on an international stage,” one of the employees commented. “Her stage presence is just astonishing.”

“Her stage presence is one thing, but her confidence and poise on stage are also noteworthy,” said another employee. “Not all celebrities can do that.”

After a short while, Drew and Tessa concluded their discussion, and the dress rehearsal came to an end.

When she got off the stage, the employees all smiled and said to her, “Good work, Miss Reinhart.”

She nodded in thanks to everyone who talked to her before heading backstage.

When Alice spotted her, she quickly walked over. “Well?”

“It’s alright. I should be fine tonight.” Tessa puffed her chest with confidence when she contemplated how well the dress rehearsal had been carried out.

Seeing that, Alice stopped worrying and laughed. “That is good. Come, let us get ready for filming.”

Tessa nodded and returned to the dressing room with her. The entire hair and makeup team swarmed around her when she returned to the dressing room. However, halfway through their preparations, they heard people shouting outside.

A woman with heavy makeup was angrily screaming at the staff members in the hallway. She screeched, “Why should I share a dressing room? Get me your manager! I, Leah Stone, have been in the industry for years! Do I not deserve to even have my dressing room here? Are you looking down at me? I want a new dressing room now!”

Tessa frowned when she heard the commotion happening outside. She asked, “What is going on? Why is it so noisy?”

“I’ll take a look.” Alice made her way over to the doorway to take a peek outside.

She returned a few minutes later with a chuckle. “There is a woman outside who is having a fit because she does not have her own private dressing room.”

“I see,” said Tessa. “Ignore her, and none of you should try to butt your way in either. We don’t want any trouble.”

In the two days leading up to her appearance on this show, she researched the performing arts in preparation. Consequently, she was aware of how much the entire profession dreaded being compared to one another. Celebrities with varying levels of fame and popularity were invited to today’s show, so naturally, tensions would arise.

Hence, Tessa had given Alice and the team explicit instructions to avoid getting involved. The entire makeup team unanimously nodded in response.

Alice leaned back against the couch and lazily commented, “Such a commotion is beneath me.”

Tessa chuckled but remained silent when she heard that.

However, the shouting did not stop at all as Leah was about to explode from anger.

She glared at the staff employee talking to her. “I have been in the industry for years. Judging by that history alone, I deserve my own dressing room. Don’t I?”

“Please accept our apologies, but we have run out of private dressing rooms for the day.”

Despite the staff employee’s repeated apologies, he could only feel contempt for her. Does Leah believe she is still at the pinnacle of her popularity?

It was a fact that could not be refuted that Leah had once enjoyed widespread acclaim, but her popularity had waned as the years passed by. She was no longer entitled to a private dressing room in her diminished fame. Nevertheless, the staff employee could not voice his opinion because doing so would only infuriate her.

When she realized he was still refusing to give her a new dressing room despite all she said, anger and despair warred in her.

Thinking that the production team had intentionally done this to humiliate her, she set an ultimatum. “How could you be out of private rooms? There are only five celebrities today who are more popular than me. I looked at the number of private dressing rooms prepared for today; there were six. Who did you give the last room to?”

“Naturally, it is occupied. Please be reasonable, Miss Stone.”

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