Always Been Yours Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149 Dress Rehearsal

Nicholas did not voice any objections when he heard about Tessa’s plans. The reason was that the Sawyer Group was the show’s sponsor for ‘I Am a Musician’.

Later that evening, Alice gave her a call. “Tessa, the production crew, has finalized the schedule. It has been decided that you will appear in the most recent episode. However, you must attend the dress rehearsal, which will take place earlier and in two days.”

“Got it.” Tessa nodded as she said that. Two days later, Tessa and Alice arrived at the studio. A staff member was standing by the entrance awaiting their arrival. A look of shock crossed the face of the staff member as she saw Tessa exit the car.

Tessa’s beauty did not diminish during her nearly seven-month pregnancy; instead, she appeared as flawless as a porcelain doll. The pregnancy made her look even more pleasant than usual, and she was so pleasing to the eye that people felt calm after looking at her.

“Hello, Miss Reinhart. I will be assisting you in the studio today.” With a friendly smile, the employee approached Tessa before nodding to Alice.

“Hello,” Tessa replied, returning the smile.

Following the introductions, the employee directed them to the filming location.

Tessa had hoped to see many celebrities that day, but the hallway was deserted when she stepped off the elevator. However, many celebrity names were attached to the hallway doors.

The employee could tell she was curious and broke the silence by saying, “These are the dressing rooms that have been set up for today’s guests. Miss Reinhart, you have one, too. It’s down the hallway.”

Tessa nodded and followed her to the assigned dressing room. As soon as she stepped into the room, she realized it was so lavishly spacious that it was like a mini apartment equipped with everything she might need. There were other people in the dressing room as well. They were the team of hair and makeup artists that Alice had hired.

As soon as she walked in, everyone greeted her politely.

She returned their stare, perplexed. “Do I also need to apply makeup for the rehearsal?”

“No, you don’t. They came to prepare things for you, which is why they are here. After all, you have a recording scheduled for the evening.”

While Alice was explaining things, she dragged Tessa over to the couch. “Take a break. There is still some time before your turn.”

Tessa nodded and started scrolling through her phone.

After an hour had passed, there was a knock at the door. “Miss Reinhart, it’s your turn. Please follow me.”


She rose from her seat and followed the employee to the stage.

Alice sped off in their direction to catch up with them.

As soon as they stepped foot on the stage, the worker launched into a detailed breakdown for Tessa. “Guests will be going on stage at different times. Please remember your slot.”

He then handed her a piece of paper. After glancing at it, she gave it to Alice for safekeeping.

It was time for Tessa to go on stage. The employee then led her up to where she would be standing. It was a huge stage, but Tessa was the only person standing on it.

Then, the director gave her instructions over the megaphone. “You will have a performance space of approximately one foot and a half to the left and right of you. Please take a moment to review your performance and become familiar with the space designated for you.”

Tessa confirmed her comprehension of the directive with a nod. Afterward, she started moving around in the space designated for her earlier. Since she’d be performing a relatively simple task—playing the violin—she wouldn’t even need to move around much during the performance, assuming she didn’t make any mistakes. The director knew that some overly enthusiastic subsets of musicians enjoyed moving around while they performed, so he asked her to familiarize herself with the stage.

In just a few short minutes, Tessa quickly became comfortable with the performance space in just a few minutes. The only thing that was left on the schedule was the brief conversation that she was going to have with the host.

Then, the host, Drew Duquais, was called to the stage. He gave off the impression of being a young man in his mid-twenties, but the truth was that he was in his mid-thirties. However, he might have taken excellent care of his skin.

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