Always Been Yours Chapter 1148

Chapter 1148 I Am a Musician

Alice felt a shiver run down her spine. “You seemed to be flaunting your lover right now.” Tessa smiled in response. Alice lingered a little longer to talk about her work, and then she left.

Over the next few weeks, Tessa would attend several interviews Alice had set up for her. She complied with all the arrangements made for her the entire time.

On the other hand, Tessa was scheduled to attend a variety of interviews for several consecutive days, and by the time the interviews were over, she was completely drained.

She found the interviews challenging because some hosts liked to play jokes on their guests to increase their show’s viewership and even go viral. In other words, if the guests could not concentrate on the show, it was probable that the host would cause the guest to suffer in the course of the prank being played on them. Still, there were pros and cons to everything.

While the interviews were exhausting, they did what they were supposed to. Tessa’s popularity had been rising steadily. The most noticeable effect was her Twitter follower count, which increased to over 200,000.

It was Tessa’s last interview of the month about some hotly debated issues in the nation. Throughout the whole thing, challenging questions were posed. “Everyone knows you had a rough start to your studies abroad, Miss Reinhart.

In fact, you went through two different orchestras. One of them was even involved in a police investigation. Due to that investigation, you laid low for a while. Is there anything you would like to say regarding that situation?”

Tessa frowned when she heard the question. It was clear to her that the host was referring to her departure from Hathaway Philharmonic. She replied, “I don’t have anything to say about it. All I can say is that everyone must accept responsibility for their actions. Furthermore, we should look forward instead of dwelling on the past.”

She had carefully considered the words she would use in her response to ensure that the host would no longer inquire about her past. As such, the rest of the interview was much easier for her. Toward the end of the interview, Tessa felt utterly exhausted.

She had finally come to terms with the fact that rushing from interview to interview was not ideal. She would bring it up as soon as she could speak with Alice again. “I feel like we cannot solely rely on interviews for popularity. It’s too slow, the boost is not enough, and it is not good for my body.”

“What ideas do you have?” Alice turned to look at her.

After a moment of thought, Tessa responded, “Why don’t I participate in ‘I Am a Musician?’ It’s a gathering of celebrities that’s hugely popular in the country. I believe appearing on that show rather than in interviews would bring me more attention and popularity. It’s a chance to showcase my skills more eloquently.”

As soon as Alice heard Tessa’s suggestion, she agreed it was a fantastic idea. She nodded in agreement. “I recall receiving a show invitation. I’ll check your email inbox later to accept the invitation.”

Tessa agreed with a nod.

The two then continued to chat about work. A few minutes later, Nicholas returned.

“Mr. Sawyer,” Alice greeted.

After greeting him, she smartly suggested ending the conversation.

At that moment, only Nicholas and Tessa remained in the living room.

The interview she had to go through that day was no secret to him, so he inquired, “How was the interview? Did they give you a hard time?”

“It was good. Anyway, no one would dare to make things hard for me.” Tessa could not help but chuckle when she said that.

Nonetheless, she was not joking when she said that. Following the events with the Muller Group, everyone knew she was Nicholas’ future wife. Due to that, everyone was extremely respectful to her no matter where she went. She was not accustomed to being treated that way, but she was glad because it meant a lot of unnecessary trouble could be avoided.

The smile on her face appeared contagious, and he found himself smiling when he saw it. Then, the couple began to snuggle on the couch while chatting incoherently.

“I believe today’s interview was your last. What are you going to do next?” Nicholas asked.

“I was just discussing it with Alice. I intend to participate in the show ‘I Am a Musician.'” Tessa went on to describe in detail her discussion with Alice.

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