Always Been Yours Chapter 1147

Chapter 1147 No Right to Lecture Me

Wanda found herself at a loss for words and stomped back to her room in a huff while leaving Remus behind. After watching her leave his line of sight, he heaved a wistful sigh. He probably needed to talk with Nicholas the following day. Hopefully, Nicholas would stop all the attacks as a favor for him.

Shortly after Nicholas arrived at the office the following morning, Edward knocked on the door and entered the room. “Mr. Muller is here, Sir. He is downstairs and wishes to see you.”

Nicholas frowned as he could deduce the reason for Horace’s visit. It was likely because of Wanda. Nevertheless, he gestured for Edward to lead Horace up to the office.

As soon as Horace saw him, he immediately uttered straightforwardly, “Nicholas, Wanda has learned her lesson now, and I am not here to give you a lecture. After all, I have no right to say anything.”

Nicholas narrowed his eyes in disapproval at Horace’s words and barked, “Mr. Muller, allow me to be clear about this. Wanda is the one who is at fault here. I have been extremely generous and have not reported her to the police. There is absolutely no reason for you to lecture me!”

There was an unpleasant look on Horace’s face. Indeed, there was no reason for him to give Nicholas a lecture. However, if the Sawyers had not given Wanda the wrong signal, she would not have fallen so deeply for Nicholas.

Although Horace was displeased with Nicholas, he did not elaborate on the purpose of his visit.

“Yes, Wanda is wrong, but I hope you can let it go for my sake.” Horace was almost groveling when he said that, and the dissatisfaction in his heart grew.

He was an old man, yet he had to beg a younger man for a favor. It was quite a blow to his ego. In any case, the damage had already been done. He needed to see this through to the end and ensure that this trip would not be in vain.

Then, he continued, “Wanda established the Muller Group from scratch. This incident has resulted in considerable losses, and she has also suffered. You’ve already taught her a lesson. Please forgive her.”

Nicholas gave in to Horace’s pleas and agreed to stop targeting the Muller Group.

After leaving Sawyer Group’s office, Horace went straight to Wanda. Then, he informed her how Nicholas had consented to cease his attacks against her.

“I had a conversation with Nicholas. He has consented to spare the Muller Group. In the future, make it a point to avoid further upsetting him.” The last sentence was spoken solemnly.

When Wanda heard that, her anger quickly boiled. She clenched her jaws and inquired, “Grandpa, why didn’t you tell me you were going to see Nicholas? I’m capable of handling the company’s affairs on my own.”

As she said that, the grudge she bore against Nicholas worsened. I can’t believe how vicious and cruel he is!

Even though he had stopped targeting her company, the domino effect he set off resulted in significant losses for her. Two weeks had passed before she managed to stop the losses permanently.

Meanwhile, the schedule for Tessa’s performance was finally fixed for a slot one month later, which meant that she had adequate preparation time.

One day, Alice arrived at Dynasty Gardens with her laptop. She said, “Miss Sofia and I had a conversation about the performance. Even though it is only a month away, that is far too long for a new musician. People might forget you after some time. We hope to secure a few interviews for this period. Not only will it assist in maintaining your prominence, but it will also help you gain popularity.”

Tessa was in a position where she had no choice but to go along with the plan because it had been devised with her best interests in mind specifically. “You may act as you see fit, and I’ll cooperate with you.”

Her complete trust in Alice gave her the urge to tease Tessa. “Wow, you have so much faith in me. Are you not worried that I will betray you?”

“I’m not scared. You won’t fool Miss Sofia, and neither will my husband, who will check everything twice.” Tessa’s face was beaming with pride as she replied.

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