Always Been Yours Chapter 1146

Chapter 1146 No More Cooking

They had a meal in the afternoon, and this meal allowed them to really bond with one another. After lunch, Alice sent Tessa back home before she headed off to work.

Once Tessa got home, she took a nap before she headed to her music room and practiced her violin for two hours. Later in the evening, Tessa felt the urge to prepare her own dinner, so she went into the kitchen.

When Gregory heard that his mother was cooking, he obediently followed along to help her out in the kitchen. By the time Nicholas got home, Tessa had already cooked up a few mouth-watering dishes.

Tessa spread her lips into a wide smile when she saw Nicholas. “You’re back. Hurry up and wash your hands. Dinner’s ready.” She placed the dishes on the dining table. Right as she straightened up, she felt Nicholas’ chest against her back.

“Why are you cooking? Didn’t I tell you not to engage in these risky activities? You shouldn’t be moving around too much. What if you get injured?

Also, your hands are meant to play the violin, so you should take good care of them,” Nicholas uttered in a disapproving tone. He held her in his firm arms as he continued nagging at her.

Tessa knew that Nicholas was simply worried about her overworking herself. The smile on her face looked sweeter than ever. “Fine. This is the last time I’ll step in the kitchen until our baby is born.” Tessa coaxed Nicholas as she turned around to wrap her arms around his neck. Only then did Nicholas relax his tightly knitted brows. “I’ll take your word for it. This will be the last time, okay?”

“Yeah.” Tessa nodded obediently. After that, the whole family enjoyed their meal while they chatted with one another. Nicholas asked Tessa about her trip to the hospital earlier that day. “Did Old Mrs. Reinhart cause you any trouble?” he asked. “No, she doesn’t have the guts to do that now.” Tessa shook her head with a smile.

Once they were done with their meal, Tessa sat in the living hall, where she played with some Lego blocks with Gregory. Nicholas, on the other hand, sat on the couch as he watched the news. The news reporter happened to talk about the Muller Group’s recent state.

“Recently, Sawyer Group terminated their partnership with Muller Group after Muller Group offended President Sawyer’s wife. Furthermore, Sawyer Group also blacklisted Muller Group, causing other companies to terminate their partnerships with Muller Group one after another.

This has resulted in a huge drop in Muller Group’s stock price, and it is unclear what Muller Group’s next steps are…” Tessa froze when she heard the script that the news reporter was reciting. She hadn’t expected this to be on the news, and she gazed at Nicholas worriedly after hearing about it.

“What is it?” Nicholas turned around when he realized that Tessa was staring at him. Tessa told him exactly what she was thinking. “Wouldn’t this news report further affect Sawyer Group?”

“No. No one can affect Sawyer Group,” Nicholas uttered in a firm tone as he shook his head. He was confident with his words since he knew how powerful he was.

In the meantime, Wanda had returned to the Muller Residence with lethargy written all over her face. She was utterly drained from dealing with all the matters concerning her company. Horace felt rather sorry for his granddaughter when he saw the state that she was in.

At the same time, he thought that Nicholas was way too heartless. It’s as if he doesn’t care about the relationship between our families at all. Horace sighed as he sat down beside Wanda. “You should’ve listened to me from the start. You shouldn’t have messed with Nicholas,” Horace uttered in a heavy tone.

Wanda simply pressed her lips together without saying anything. Horace knew what was going on in Wanda’s mind when he saw the stubborn look on her face. “I know you feel like this is unfair. But if you think about it, any other woman who tried to get close to Nicholas has never succeeded.”

“Well, those women were too stupid.” Wanda didn’t want her grandfather to compare her to other women. She thought that she was different from the rest of them.

However, Horace simply let out a loud scoff. “If you call them dumb, then are you saying that you’re smarter than them? How is your outcome any different from all those women?”

Horace felt rather sad at the thought of how his granddaughter seemed to have followed in the footsteps of those other women. He also felt both angry and sorry for her.

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