Always Been Yours Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145 Lucky Charm

“That’s right. There are a lot of patients whose conditions worsen because of their intense emotions.” The nurse was smart, and she nodded in agreement with Tessa’s words after she realized what Tessa was trying to do. Amber was shocked to hear what the nurse said, so she quickly calmed herself down and kept her mouth shut after that.

Tessa heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Amber had finally calmed down a little. I finally found a way to keep her under control, Tessa thought. The maid in the room wore a look of admiration on her face as she gazed at Tessa. Amber was a tough one to deal with, after all; the maid knew this as she had been taking care of Amber for a few days now. Tessa could sense the maid looking at her, and Tessa knew that the maid probably had to deal with Amber’s bad temper for the past few days. “Things must have been hard for you,” Tessa commented.

“It’s fine, Miss Reinhart. This is my job.” The maid was flattered to have Tessa speaking to her that way, so she quickly waved her hands to dismiss Tessa’s words. Amber, on the other hand, felt dissatisfied when she noticed that Tessa was treating a maid better than she was treating her. “Weren’t you the one who hired her to work? Isn’t she supposed to care for me?” Amber hissed.

Tessa frowned when she heard Amber’s words. “I might have hired the maid to look after you, but she still deserves basic respect. If the maid runs away, then you can’t blame me for neglecting you. You’d be the one who chased her off,” Tessa uttered. It wasn’t clear if Amber was genuinely afraid of being left alone in the hospital—one way or another, Amber started being nicer to her maid after that. However, Amber did so reluctantly.

A short while later, Tessa received a call from Alice about work. After ending the call, Tessa gave orders to the maid. “I’ll head off now. You can contact me if anything happens,” she said.

“I got it. Take care, Miss Reinhart.” The maid bowed to Tessa as Tessa walked off. After leaving the hospital, Tessa headed straight to the café where she had agreed to meet Alice. After some small talk, Alice got directly into the main topic. “I went for a meeting regarding the show venue earlier. We’ve decided to host the performance in one of the largest halls in town. Miss Sofia wanted to know if you have any opinions on that.”

“I don’t have much opinion on anything if I were being honest. I don’t know much about these things.” Tessa gazed at Alice bashfully. Alice could tell that Tessa didn’t know much, so she simply nodded. “Let me discuss with the person in charge of the venue, then.”

“That would be great. I’ll go along with the conditions that the orchestra has offered. If you need anything else, you can just contact me,” Tessa offered. She felt rather bad to hand all of her work over to Alice while she lazed around, so she figured that she would offer to help Alice if anything was needed.

Alice smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ll need your help eventually. By the way, Miss Sofia is really nice to you. The rest of the other music directors have never received such treatment,” she commented. Tessa was puzzled to hear this.

With her chin resting on her hand, Alice continued to beam at Tessa. “Even though I haven’t worked with Miss Sofia for that long, I’ve seen many of the other music directors having a few of their own shows. However, I’ve never seen Miss Sofia so involved in the process. She would usually ask her students to handle things on their own.”

“Perhaps the baby in my belly is my lucky charm. That’s probably why Miss Sofia is being so supportive toward me.” Tessa looked down and rubbed her belly lovingly as she spoke. Right then, Tessa felt a slight kicking sensation in her belly. She wasn’t sure if it was all in her mind, but she could swear that she felt her baby kicking her. At that thought, Tessa smiled to herself. There was a motherly aura that surrounded her as she thought about her child.

Alice was touched by how much Tessa cared for her child. When Alice took a look at Tessa’s belly, Alice unconsciously softened her tone. “How far are you into your pregnancy?”

“About seven months,” Tessa replied with a smile. Alice was shocked to hear how close Tessa was to her expected delivery date. “That’s about three months until you deliver the child,” Alice commented.

“Yeah.” Tessa nodded. After talking about children for a while, they returned to the topic of music.

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