Always Been Yours Chapter 1143

Chapter 1143 Calligraphy Competition

Tessa felt like she was about to melt when she saw the look on Gregory’s face. Gregory started pestering his mother after that. “What did Daddy give you this time, Mommy? Let’s not take his gift. I’ll buy one for you. It’ll be better than what Daddy gave you.”

Tessa burst out in laughter when she heard Gregory’s words. In the end, she had no choice but to tell Gregory the truth. “Your father didn’t give me anything. I simply found out that my album sales are doing really well and that I’ve received a lot of good comments online. That was why I was so happy.”

“Woah. You’re amazing, Mommy!” Gregory clapped his hands in celebration of what Tessa said. While they were talking to each other, Gregory’s calligraphy teacher walked into the hall. His teacher, Quinton Hall, was a strict and well-known intellectual. He greeted Tessa when he saw her from afar. “Hey, Miss Reinhart.”

Tessa froze before she stood up to greet him. “Is anything the matter, Mr. Hall?”

“Well, there’s something I’d like to talk to you about. Gregory is doing really well in his calligraphy class, and there happens to be a local youth calligraphy competition happening soon. I was wondering if Gregory could participate in it, Miss Reinhart.” Quinton explained his intentions before looking at Tessa hopefully.

Tessa found this to be a good idea. Mr. Hall is a professional in calligraphy himself, so I’m sure his students can do better than the average person as well, Tessa figured. “You’re too nice, Mr. Hall. Gregory’s your student—if you think he’s good enough, then you can just sign him up for the competition.”

Quinton felt more at ease upon hearing how respectful Tessa was toward him. He had grinned so widely that his eyes were crinkled. Well, come to think of it, Gregory is my final private student. At this age, I should be resting at home and enjoying my retirement, but Mr. Sawyer was eager to have me as Gregory’s teacher. That was why I agreed, and that was also how I got lucky enough to find myself such a talented child.

“As long as everything goes well, I’m sure Gregory will win something in this competition,” Quinton uttered as he was reminded of Gregory’s talent.

Tessa was overjoyed to hear Quinton’s praise for her son. “Look, Gregory. Mr. Hall has such high hopes for you. You’ll have to work hard,” she encouraged Gregory. Gregory nodded obediently. “Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll work really hard.”

Tessa ruffled Gregory’s hair lovingly when she saw the serious expression on his face. After that, she had a conversation with Quinton about the process of the competition and some of the details surrounding it. Quinton patiently explained all the details and rules to Tessa before he headed off.

After Quinton registered for Gregory that night, he made another phone call to Dynasty Gardens. “I’ve completed the registration, Miss Reinhart. You’ll have to make sure Gregory practices his calligraphy.”

“Alright. Thank you so much, Mr. Hall.” Tessa beamed as she ended the call. At that very moment, Nicholas entered the house dressed in a black suit. He happened to overhear Tessa from behind, so he asked her about the call. “What’s up with Mr. Hall?” Nicholas looked up at Quinton. Moreover, he was the one who hired Quinton, so he was especially attentive to the mention of Quinton’s name.

Tessa stood up to greet Nicholas with a smile when she heard his voice. “You’re back!”

“Slow down. Be careful.” Nicholas hurried over to help Tessa when he saw her standing up. After all, Tessa’s belly was getting bigger. Tessa felt warmth spreading across her chest when she saw how thoughtful Nicholas was. “I am being careful. You don’t have to treat me like a porcelain doll,” she said. Nicholas simply smiled without saying anything.

After that, he held her hand and led her to the couch before revisiting the topic earlier. “You were speaking to Mr. Hall earlier, right? Was Gregory being naughty in class?” Coincidentally, Gregory happened to overhear their conversation at this very moment, and he quickly protested against his father’s words. “How could you say that I was being naughty? I was such a good student.”

Gregory turned to complain to Tessa after that. “Look at that, Mommy. How could Daddy talk bad about me? I was being so good,” he said.

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